Thursday, October 6, 2011


Pretty long hiatus huh? The reason that I'm blogging now... blah blah blah


Ya right? Pathetically I have turned out to be really busy now, you know? BEE EEE ASS WHY. 

I miss my long awaited sitcoms that will soon be aired or airing right now. GLEE, Modern Family and et cetera et cetera. *banging wall* Oh, and Crayon Shinchan!!! Long time no see, ya right? I'm kind of like a lifeless dude when leisure moments are available. But that how fun comes right? :D

By the way, this semester is a real catastrophic semester. Having taught by a so called GOOGLE lecturer who knows NOTHING but HOLY CRAPPING instead :D 

Let me tell you this. He couldn't even pronounce the alphabet m correctly. 

His accent for m is yem. n is yen

What happens when he reads the unit mm^square? *laughing out loud*

I couldn't really bear with this douche. 

He couldn't teach AT ALLLLLLL I tell you! 

All he's able to stick in his tiny little ant-being mind is the ways to blame on students when students don't give him a DAMN. 

*FYI: Ant doesn't have brain. I think? Whatever.*

I have tried to best to ''bestow'' everything I could to you. If you don't appreciate, fuck off and have a life then. No point being a lecturer who owns hatred deep from every student's heart.*direct translate. duh* :)

Another lecturer is kind of a fresh grad? But he's not that professional la. LOL. Cantonese always gets mixed into lecture or even conversation. But he's way too young to be a doctorate grad =__= Guess what? He can still show his student id card when he's buying movie tixs WTH?

The subject taught by him is MARVELOUSLY hard =.=

I just failed my mid-term I guess. The term ''failed'' this time is not ''above average but not to max''. Fortunately he does lend us HANDS when we need guidance and assistance. Unlike the other one =3= BUT =_=  I wish I could pass this subject. =(

Anyway, done with crapping nonsense because I mmg have no idea what to write. Simply because boredom attacks. Hi, Bye, have a nice day ahead.

Btw, the title ''Baile'' means dance in Sepanyol if I'm not mistaken. This was introduced by Sofia Vergara. Every word that comes out from her is so beautiful yet funny. lol

Chill Chill, every thing shall end in three weeks time. :D

Don't stay tuned. Stay happy. :D

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

WOAH! Itchy! The invasion of rashes!!!

Why the hell do I get sensitive skin while my other siblings don't?

It ain't funny at all. Getting itchy all the time, it turns worse when I'm running out of pills. Sometimes I'll get awaken from my nightmare and start to scratch here and there =.=.

Check out the photos.

It mostly happens on the joints' area, guess because rubbing occurs, sweat literally exudes and they outfit to be the unhygienic home sweet home for bacteria.

Blisters on my middle finger, and that explains why I have to wrap my middle finger with plasters when it's exam time, because the over productive air conditioner freezes me, makes my hands shiver and they turn out to break out in bloody cold sweat. Guess fuck people too much eh?

I'll die of rashes all over my body if I don't eat the efficacious pills consecutively for two weeks. But, I guess I shouldn't consume pills too much and it tends to aggravate my health status and I personally feel like going for traditional Chinese medical treatment

My savior!

I've been eating this for six months plus. The doctor told me that I MUST continue consuming it till the day all the rashes are gone. But they emerge once I stop eating......

Just a brief update. You're most welcome to leave comment for you have any ideas in dealing with sensitive skin besides consuming pills.

By the way, the blogger, whose name is Fish, please stop leaving comments ceaselessly at my chat box, don't break my limit. I'm warning you here. :) Unless you want me to spam your chat box as well. Thank you for your great cooperation. 

Stay tuned. :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Students dancing prelude of Poker face =)

It was actually an usual holiday program class but since my boss asked me to teach them dancing and they were uber unfortunate as I DO NOT HAVE any nice or dynamically fast rhythm song in my phone, except Poker Face... 

I wouldn't mind teaching them songs like Complicated from Avril, Apologize from Timberland and et cetera. Because these are the only songs in my phone.

But I guess that will bore them to death. =__=

So check the video out. Just a small part of Poker Face since I didn't have enough time to teach them the whole part. =)

I know it's kinda LAME but I just don't know how to dance. =__= So I simply assigned them some simple actions from Lady Gaga. 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rapunzel? Rapunel? Repunnziel?

Alright, so what exactly happened yesterday was we went to E@Curve for the premier screening of Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale.


Setting off at 7.30pm, most probably we were gonna be late due to someone's still blowing his long blonde mischievous hair that he claims he couldn't blow them straight every time, especially moments whereby he's gonna be uber late. Fortunately the executive still consented us to pick up our tickets at 8.30pm, and we realized that most of the people were not that punctual, or in other words, they were literally LATE as they got their tickets at 9pm, which was totally over the time limit man.

The movie was said to kick start at 9.00pm, so we got off to the entrance of cinema's halls, ready to have our tickets torn and watch the movie. But we were informed that we can only get in at 9.30pm, so we decided to have our dinner there.

Set Meal from Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen.

Our tickets :)

*From Nuffnang/ChurpChurp and Groupsmore <3*

It's 9.30pm, and god damn, there were freaking lots of people queuing up, for the admin team was going to temporarily confiscate all the recording devices or gadgets of us, to prohibit people from recording the entire movie, as the movie is freshly screened in Malaysia.
Hokey, here's the synopsis of the movie, if you would like to bear yourself with a broken and life's brief synopsis like candle from me, take it on then. I didn't get the synopsis from elsewhere. =)

The story starts with an odd droplet from sun, no idea what that bird shit was called but it seemed to be a very vital element or substantiality in that country which had the Sun logo.

That droplet turned out to be a dazzling magic flower, with glorious appearance. A witch named Mother Gothel, made use of the power from this flower to keep herself from aging. At the same time, the queen of that country was having a severe ailment and the king decided to hunt that magic flower for her so that she could give birth to the baby, which was Rapunzel, successfully. The royal knights found the flower, and the witch was extremely furious to distinguish that her flower was stolen by them. When the queen had eaten the soup made from the flower, she turned to be healthy and was able to give birth to Rapunzel.

Rapunzel was gorgeous, indeed ravishing, with a blonde and long hair.One day, the witch trespassed the fort and stole the baby Rapunzel. The queen and the king were upset and they would light up the lanterns to the sky during Rapunzel's birthday so that Rapunzel would find them one day. The witch treated Rapunzel as her own daughter and grounded her in the tower without letting her out for 18 years.

Rapunzel was bored of staying in the tower. Few days before her 18th birthday, she asked the witch, which was her mother, for a permission to go out to see the lanterns because she surmised that it was beautiful. However, the witch was enraged and warned her that she should never go out as the world outside is filled with evilness and selfishness.

Rapunzel was doleful, of course, as her wish got turned down and her freedom was outright restricted. One day, in fact the next day, a bandit, Rider intruded her tower. The bandit had stolen the Rapunzel's crown, which Rapunzel used to adorn when she was a baby. Rapunzel bound him with her long hair and decided to have a deal with him, i.e. Rapunzel will return the crown to the Rider, if Rider takes her out to see the lanterns.

*It was freaking long. *
With no negotiates that could be made by Rider, Rider took Rapunzel out, and lots of adventurous happenings happened, like they met the bunch of old man, I suppose they were veterans,chased by the royal knights, nearly got drown by the water as they broke the dam. Because Rapunzel's hair would glow when she sang, finally they were saved from the trapped cavern as they found an interstices when they were diving. Rider then told Rapunzel that his real name was actually Eugene.

This part sounds complicated. Go and watch yourself.
Eventually, they reached the capital and began celebrating I-D-K-what kind of festival that could make people randomly sang and danced. When dawn fell, they started to appreciate the releasing of lanterns on the boat. Rapunzel decided to give Eugene back the crown, because she felt that Eugene loved her, so did she.

The witch noticed that Rapunzel had left the tower and the former cooperated with two other bandits that hated Eugene. They distracted Eugene to get on the land, and bound him on the boat and set the boat off, sequencing a scene to let Rapunzel see that the main motive that Eugene was together with Rapunzel was because of the crown.

Eugene was then arrested and accused by the royal knights for stealing the crown. Rapunzel was sad, and she went back to the embrace of Mother Gothel. Soon, Rapunzel realized that she was actually the lost princess in that country, she was quarreling with the witch drastically, trying to figure out who she really was. Mother Gothel tied her, and told her that she'll be the bad people. Obviously when the princess's in danger, the hero will appear. Eugene was rescued by the bunch of man they met last time, and rode on Maximus, the funny horse who behaved rather like a dog, to the tower to get Rapunzel out of danger.

Unfortunately, he was stabbed by Mother Gothpel. Rapunzel wanted to heal him, with a deal that she has to follow the witch forever and cannot go to wherever she wants to go. When she was healing Eugene, Eugene cut Rapunzel's rest of hair off. What resulted was the witch began to turn awfully old, because her source of eternal beauty came from Rapunzel's magic hair, which couldn't be cut. Or else the hair would turn to gray color. The witch was totally mad, and she fell down from the tower because of Pascal the chameleon's trick, a bizarre one. LOL 

So, the witch was abruptly dead, and Rapunzel returned to the palace and regained her name as princess. Guess you know the ending right? =)

So overall, it was a good movie. At least it has a good starting and ending. The illustration and narrative skill that the author used are nice, for it's near to reality, as said by someone. 

4.5/5. Worth for you guys to watch.

So, something happened during the whole movie session. Guess what? The movie was totally inverted and fast forwarded. The crowd were like, wtf? What happened? Some even began scolding all sorts of foul words.Suddenly, the whole screen turned dark... and they began to play some music.... Initially I thought some criminals broke in. I know, it's dramatic.

The administrator of Groupsmore came up, and apologized for this glitch, for they didn't know such thing would have happened. One of them scolded fxxx..... I guess they shouldn't say so, though I felt like giving them a big applause. They should be more rational in settling this sort of stuff. How if there were kids there? The crowd was getting so angry because the sudden stop just brought their moods down. The chaos started to get aggravated and the officer from Disney Produce apologized and to compensate us, we will get another pairs of premiere screening tickets for another time, definitely not the same movie again. Are we considered as LUCKY?

They said that it was projector's problem. Well, obviously it wasn't.They should have previewed the movie before. In addition, we were told that we'll have a 3D screening but it ended up with 2D. It's really disappointing. Hopefully this won't happen in the next premier screening that they promised to compensate us.

Finally got back my belongings.

Stay tuned. =)

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