Saturday, December 11, 2010

WOAH! Itchy! The invasion of rashes!!!

Why the hell do I get sensitive skin while my other siblings don't?

It ain't funny at all. Getting itchy all the time, it turns worse when I'm running out of pills. Sometimes I'll get awaken from my nightmare and start to scratch here and there =.=.

Check out the photos.

It mostly happens on the joints' area, guess because rubbing occurs, sweat literally exudes and they outfit to be the unhygienic home sweet home for bacteria.

Blisters on my middle finger, and that explains why I have to wrap my middle finger with plasters when it's exam time, because the over productive air conditioner freezes me, makes my hands shiver and they turn out to break out in bloody cold sweat. Guess fuck people too much eh?

I'll die of rashes all over my body if I don't eat the efficacious pills consecutively for two weeks. But, I guess I shouldn't consume pills too much and it tends to aggravate my health status and I personally feel like going for traditional Chinese medical treatment

My savior!

I've been eating this for six months plus. The doctor told me that I MUST continue consuming it till the day all the rashes are gone. But they emerge once I stop eating......

Just a brief update. You're most welcome to leave comment for you have any ideas in dealing with sensitive skin besides consuming pills.

By the way, the blogger, whose name is Fish, please stop leaving comments ceaselessly at my chat box, don't break my limit. I'm warning you here. :) Unless you want me to spam your chat box as well. Thank you for your great cooperation. 

Stay tuned. :)

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