Monday, August 31, 2009

Went to One Utama to shop yesterday~

before tat, planned to withdraw some $$ from my Agro bank account..--

But, alamak, it's Saturday and our diligent Agro Bank was closed........

Shit. it ruined my wish list==

Bye 'for a while', my bag, my shoes, my ............................................ and many many more because a desperate shopaholic will never feel satisfied...

(but will definitely regret if you find out the stuffs are sold cheaper at other outlets=--=)

But we headed to G2000 at The Curve there because Giap wanna buy his shirts...

It's two for RM129. Kinda cheap that time because sales ma. Typically u have to spend RM1xx to buy a shirt there.

and I bought two shirts at Metrojaya.

Believe me, it's only RM23 for tis 2 shirts!!!!!!!

It's not a plain sales but a bargain sales man!!!

Straight away grabbed it, tried it n bought it without any hesitation.


Then we proceeded to have lunch after hunting such dirt-cheap shirts. bwahahaha~

Had our lunch at Pizza Hut.

Then carried on to Jeans outlets.

I couldn't recall what's the name of that shop. but it's an outlet with different brands of jeans accumulated.

We dug the mountains of discounted jeans like nobody's business..

(The salesgirl was staring at us--)

We had been going out the fitting room and changed the jeans for several times--

But i just wanted to purchase 1 jeans anyway~ or else I'll have to puasa for 1 week...==

My jeans~

Camwhoring when trying shirts. But i didn't buy that shirt n apparently i have gained lots of weighs==

People: It's time to keep yourself on diet...

Me: See 1st la..==

Went to Padini later since they had a "MERDEKA' sales.

and they were quite smart lo.


There mentioned 70%, and bear in mind that Uncle Cj will always stand next to the 70% advertisement and start digging the bunch of shirt as if he's insane--

But then when you look at the advertisement properly rite, down there it mentioned: u have to become a member first...=-=

Giap n YiLaiCai signed up to become a member of them to get the privilleges but i didn't.

Then went home~

That's all for yesterday. ~

Will try save up more $$ and buy more stuffs next time~

Maybe will puasa for one week if I can really stand with the mouth-watering food for this week.....

some more puasa memang 1 stone kills 2 birds, doesn't it?

Can save $$ and lose weight...


Oh ya, one more thing

Happy Merdeka. but for me it's Happy Sleeping Merdeka~
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yeah. after craving for my super duper annoying result for such a donkeeeeeeeeeey years, it eventually got released today~

and HATS OFF TO MYSELF people, because i passed my Malaysian Studies *yesh*

Kinda stupid because at 1st they just released the result for Malaysian Studies and keep others privatized --

Dear Maggie, don't be sad.... u already did your best for it ok? Honestly i don't know how to comfort people..... but

CHEER UP man! just work harder next time lo. Whack that lecturer! (no la, just kidding)

Right, back~

How about the result for other subjects?

Blah, ok lo but not really that ok.

Went to HELP straight after i got my broken result

Successfully did my credit transfer~

PS: Please fire that black panda bear looking office boy, for not paying full respect to the students...

Me: May I know the code for these subjects?

Office boy: u studied already u don't know?

Some more u know his tone was so irritating, asking him one ques as if I will kill him off.==

Then, rampas group with others there.

walao, everybody was like having world war III with the computers there...

Keeeeeeeeeeeept on clicking... I felt like banging off that lame computer...

cannot assist people to login then just turn off the computer or ask people to debug the computer la==

(Better skip the following if you're not a HELP student because u won't get what I mean)...

Finally done my timetable for this uber long semester--


2 hours n 30 minutes break~

3 hours n 30 minutes break~

Wed(can die cham cham):
4 hours n 30 minutes break leh. walao. so, I'll go back 2 sleep~

quite ok~ 1 hour break oni--

Friday no class!!! ^^ :)

Basically the timetable is ok la. just wondering why they just opened 1 group for science n consequently all my subjects' time are "controlled' by them==~

Bye my semester 1 friends.... Hope to meet you again... T.T Kinda envy to see u guys can be in the same class---------- T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T

Have to socialize with others ... cham== I'm not tat good in socializing==

Celebrated Pei Wen's birthday just now~

Went to somewhere called " hui yin shi".

Quite pleasurable because inside right, there's a singer who'll sing every song tat you request and i recommend this restaurant for u guys.

But, for evilness fully filled minded people like me, do u think I'll just listen to their songs? lol~

Purposely chose some hard song for them to sing.

Tapi, they replied the audience: sorry, I can't sing that song because it's too hard==

betul-betul bomb die tat time.zzz

and lastly, happy be early bithday to Wen~

Knew her since form 2. Kinda swell-headed lo at 1st. Nevertheless she's a bombing laughter.......and is currently an active n fit gym girl~


Something happened just opposite my house.

The granny is now barely alive with the oxygen delivery tube.

Doctor suggested her husband n sons to bring her home and end the her life by plugging out the tube from her body.

Feel misery rite?

If it's a husband's duty to do so, it's so mean to end someone's life whom you adore and love so much till words can't even tell out how much his passion of love to her.

If it's a son's duty to do so, it's so cruel to end someone's life who gave birth to you and you gotta stop her heart beating by yourself.

Nonetheless, you'll torture her more if you don't choose to end her life.

Which way will you choose?

End her life?

Or prolong her life but let her continue suffocating?

It might be the toughest decision ever, isn't it?
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It was a dream, who brought me closer to you.

It was a faith, a faith which was faded.

It was a fortune, and my pleasure to know you.

It's been a long time i didn't see you.

How have you been doing since the last time we met, my friend?

Dream occasionally granted me a fortuity to bump into you.

We laughed and chatted madly, retrospected our old times.

It was a momentous moment wasn't it?

Couldn't forget the time where you'll come and wait for me.

Couldn't obliterate the days when both of us cried together and comforted each other.

And couldn't let you slip away from my memory.

I used to be very distressed that time, something happened and my friends around me didn't even realize.

I thought of to end my life.

But you wrote on my notebook. " Do not suicide just because of a small matter. Jesus said we have to appreciate our lives. Suicide is the biggest sin in the world. Remember all the fun, happy, sad, angry, exciting, going home environment. March 11 2009 is a big day for all of us. Don't forget anyone here! Especially me."

Thanks Jesus even though I'm not a Christian, for bestowing me a great friend.

It's my honor to know such a smart, concern and caring friend as you.

Miss you.
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Monday, August 17, 2009


Woke up at 11.xxam ...


Accompany that Giap to HELP lur.

and by the time we reached there, it was already noon...

and everybody was having their lunch break.

seeking for a counselor... but met no one except Jying because she was practicing her dance right there...

Luckily an office gal called May assisted us in registering.

Ya, i got my offer letter to foundation in Science~ Yesh^^

And that Giap is now a semi-official HELP's student, because he hasn't handed up the offer letter yet.

at about 7.30pm, went to fetch Teng n Evon... see how reliable I am~~~

we were having dinner at "Dai Ga Hei"(some sort like that) with Pheoric n Yann...

lolz. It's hard to imagine 5 fellows could have swallowed so much food..--

Tried my first ever crab in my life... because I am allergic to seafood.

But just took a small part of it...

asked Teng to eradicate the shell for us, because I really had no idea to do with that mini hammer...

and i vomited it out because it was so nauseating...yuck...

I don't think I'm going to try it out again....

Then headed to Desa Park City there to have our birthday celebration for Teng~

They were choosing cake... planned to pose "Yay" but it was too late~


Our birthday cake. ~ it comprises marble cheese, oreo cheese, capuccino cheese, Hazel Nut and coffee. looks great rite?~

This is what we so called finger crossed~ May her wishes get materialized~

We were trying to snapshot the reflected us in front of the glass but obviously, it was a failure~ haha

Our drinks~ Left: Pheoric, Jacob, Evon, Teng and Yann

3 girls and 1 guy with their drinks posing... lol... I was the camera man~

Then we strolled around ~ met with some bitches who were staring us with their eyes corner as they passed by us--

Camwhoring session~

It's Nokia which makes the our face become so fair n white~

Pheoric and me.~

Then we went back~~~



Went to The Curve together with Giap and of course, I was the driver again--

Met up with Ck and Pheoric.

Seriously, i been to The Curve for only 1 time...

I didn't even know where I parked my car...


Before tat, both of us were lost on the way to The Curve ==

and they had given us the wrong place to meet up with them..--

I:' eh, where o?'

Pheoric:'2nd floor, centre court"

and when we reached the centre court at second floor... they weren't there--

I:'eh, where are you two? '

Ck:'centre court la."

I:'I'm at the centre court also-- zzz which floor?"

Ck:' 1st floor."


Went to a restaurant called "Bubba Gump'.

Gosh. You'll definitely faint if you look at the menu.

It's terribly expensive and I don't really like to see the menu as they put in a lot of descriptions for each dish and make the whole page like an article.....

In spite of choosing a meal for myself, i decided not to eat because before that I had already eaten my breakfast...

Admittedly, it is a stylish restaurant with the atmosphere of West America.(they said la)

But for me, I was like having Christmas inside~ Jingle Bell, Jing,......==

Pheoric's quarter head ruins this pic...

and this
This freaky stuff was on our table. and we were told by that waiter to use it. Walao. You know, he talked damn fast n his slang is too weird..---

So we just abandoned it..zz

Then we did chit-chat and prolong until 6pm. walao..zz

Went to A Japanese Shop called "Daiso". All the stuffs there were RM5.00nett and they were imported from Japan.

Feedback: not worth to buy MOST of the things there.
These three guys were shouting :'KAWAI NES~~~"...-.-''

Then went to shop and continued our next round at One Utama.

So, for a careless and noobish driver like me, we lost again on the way to One Utama.zz

Had our dinner at Nando's and went back~


16 n 17-08-09

Recently I get so addicted with Pokemon Sapphire, it's darn nice~~~

I don't even go for fb-ing~

I AM BORED TO DEATH these days==
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Got my lenses today^^ yeah~

and it's grey colour because I don't want to make it that obvious.

and I WENT FOR A HAIRCUT TODAY!!! After 5 months of waiting...T.T

Waited Miss Evon to fetch since i was so lazy to drive....

And finally we reached Mutiara - place where we were going to cut our hair.

There were many shops inside, but we loitered around first to see which shop's better--

Then we went inside a hair studio called ICE BLUE......

That barber kept on talking with me--

I didn't really dare to look at the mirror when he cut my hair.....T.T

But, haiya, don't know lar... whether it looks nice o not-----

see photos..

Before cut and wax (side view) bYE BYE Uncle CJ~

After cut~(back view)

Side view (Seriously i need to lose weight... Face resembles the bun so much==)
So how is it? lol no idea.

But it's for RM15 only. quite ok lur~

That's all for today^^
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My 1st sem fnal was over~~~

dang dang dang dummmmmmm~~~

People been complaining why no updates on my rusted bloggie~


Seriously, I was mentally n physically abused during the finals......== *pening pening*

Especially that absurd and suffocating COMPUTING PRINCIPLE..--

I was forced to memorize lots of stupid stuffs... *pening pening 2*

and the worst thing was

What I read so far was useless as the lecturers came out that part with only few questions *finally fainted*


Guess can die laaaa...

Haiz... Bvon will not continue her studies at HELP anymore...

Will miss her. haha

And happy birthday to Teng and Aaron~
1111Topsy_Turvey_Birthday_Cake_by_p.jpg Happy Birthday cake image by jbutton68

Big enough leh~ ^^ though it's not edible anyway~~~^^

Going to cut my hair tomorrow with Miss Evon!!!

So excited!!! *Psycho already ah u?*

U know why?

I didn't go for a haircut for 5 months.

because of that stupid NS la--

Will get a new hairstyle~

Deciding whether to dye my hair or not...


PS: Shit... don't what happened to my blog because what I had typed out was completely lost=--= zzzzz
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ahem... It's time to update.

and it's glad to announce....... I"M DONE WITH MY MALAYSIAN PROJECT!!!

lol. But I didn't do my part well. So did others...== *sigh*

Our project was a last minute work. It was crystal clear obvious as...

everything was not well organized.

Anyway, it was over~

Pictures were already uploaded to Facebook. lazy to upload here.


Went to PC fair yesterday with Giap and yi lai cai(Alyss).

again, I learned a lesson.

Don't ever believe rumors !!!

When we were preparing to go out, we received a call from our Skypie-friend (zai gu), which we were going to meet her after the pc fair right at KLCC...

She told us not to go there by car as it was extremely JAM...==

In fact, it wasn;t.==

Some more there was a protest carrying out at I-don't-know-where-
PS: You want to protest go home protest la-- Don't block the whole road! Memang malang sometimes to stay in Malaysia.

Politicians overseas get into their parties according to the latter's inspiration and motion but here? Lol. AGAMA dan KAUM--

1Malaysia? It's a day that will never arrive== and I wrote lots of my own perception about 1Malaysia.

My friend said that my "karangan" was so aggressive--

Fine lah.

Then,we changed our plan.

We reached there by KTM then LRT . what a troublesome way to go but there was no other better way==

By the time we reached there, omg. it's already noon.--

and we had to go into the Hall there under the unbearably hot sun==

When we went in, the promoters were wearing their costumes like vase or in other word, prostitute==

and worst came to worst when they asked you to fill up don't-know-what-kind-of-form. No, they were actually begging.

"Sir, could you please help me to fill this form please?"

"Sorry, I'm busy."

"Sir, it won't take a long time for you to fill in, just 1 min"

"Sorry...(in a very decent way)'

"Sir, please la, please la..." (Agitating me to go on further, some more her tone was so irritating==)

I got away from her as if she was transparent==...

It was so crammed full inside!!!

wtf== yet the photographer was standing there to take nicely posed prostitute-- He made the whole way JAM!!!=-=

Imagining to get a magic wand from Harry Porter to make all the people vanish==
PS: Crazy la u--

My head got so dizzy and it was hard to breathe there.

Again, another team of promoter was promoting their phone...

"Sir, Sir, please have a look at our phone. See it see it, see it, see it, see it x100)

Again, imagining the conversation further...

"Is it free?"


"then what for u shout so loudly? As if I'm deaf=="

Finally I bought my pendrives and ear phone--

then we went to Nandos to have our lunch...

We had queued for a long time== since there were so many customers inside--

Then we got the place that we used to sit. *lucky*

The roasted chicken there was so delectable...

You'll definitely love it~

But it was a bit pricey, oops, I mean the service charge-=-

After that, accompanied Giap to buy his stuffs at Nike.

For me right, Nike's stuffs aren't that cool.

I personally like the "tick" only.... haha

Then met up with Zai Gu for a few minutes.

She was covering her face's bottom part==


But we didn't reveal her 'true' face la~ lol

Finally we went back...


It was so crowded at KLCC LRT Station!!!


U have to line up for 20++ minutes to get the ticket...==

What the--

Then u have to squeeze into that fully packaged train--

It wasn't the worst.


U have to take another train... Oh my god *holding my head with hands and shaking--*

We had been waiting for such a long time for people to buy the ticket using machine at KL Sentral.

and they were so noob to buy the ticket one by one...

Shit you la== *pissed off* zz

You'll definitely roll your eyes non-stop because the train lagi highly packed==

and we managed to get into the train *lucky* really? I doubt......

now only we know how 'pack like sardine' feels......

I stood in front of a Malay, and he was sweating...


I quickly used the plastic bag to cover my nose...

he was staring me in a weird way==

Then I turned not to face him...


U know, when people came in that time, his sweaty n sticky body rubbed against my back!!! *gasp*


Why am I so unlucky whenever I'm in a train?

Last time 'rubbed' with Pakistan people, now a Malay uncle, sweaty that type some more ==


My backside got soaked-- wtf

Fortunately people went off and I managed to find another place to stand...

and he was facing Giap then==

Then the foreigners were blocking the door...

When the door opened rite, people from inside couldn't gt out.

The Malays were yelling at them: "KELUAR! Keluar! Bodoh..."


Kau ni baru bodoh. Kau anggap Malaysia so Well-known meh dan you expect semua orang pun tahu you punya bahasa?


Finally, we managed to 'survive' after the 'long' and thrilling duration in that train==

We kept spraying perfume when we got into the car.

"Why did we believe those ridiculous rumors???" *grumble*=)

"No idea."

After tat continued our next location, Jusco.

That Giap was such an "outstanding" shopaholic as he had used up so many $$...zz

Finally we went back==

Planned to blog yesterday but don't know why my computer couldn't be connected with the line==


grr.... tomorrow is my Malaysian Quiz n yet I study nothing about it...]

I have been watching Japan Animation for the whole day... lol

FB-ing some more...

Guess tomorrow I will die cham cham...

Oh ya, final is approaching and guess blog will not be updated until my Finals end--

It was so funny just now...

When we were on the way to the car after we had our dinner, a rat passed by and we yelled.

Then mum jumped after the rat passed up... lol....zzz

that's the end. bb and goodnight. 
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