Saturday, December 11, 2010

WOAH! Itchy! The invasion of rashes!!!

Why the hell do I get sensitive skin while my other siblings don't?

It ain't funny at all. Getting itchy all the time, it turns worse when I'm running out of pills. Sometimes I'll get awaken from my nightmare and start to scratch here and there =.=.

Check out the photos.

It mostly happens on the joints' area, guess because rubbing occurs, sweat literally exudes and they outfit to be the unhygienic home sweet home for bacteria.

Blisters on my middle finger, and that explains why I have to wrap my middle finger with plasters when it's exam time, because the over productive air conditioner freezes me, makes my hands shiver and they turn out to break out in bloody cold sweat. Guess fuck people too much eh?

I'll die of rashes all over my body if I don't eat the efficacious pills consecutively for two weeks. But, I guess I shouldn't consume pills too much and it tends to aggravate my health status and I personally feel like going for traditional Chinese medical treatment

My savior!

I've been eating this for six months plus. The doctor told me that I MUST continue consuming it till the day all the rashes are gone. But they emerge once I stop eating......

Just a brief update. You're most welcome to leave comment for you have any ideas in dealing with sensitive skin besides consuming pills.

By the way, the blogger, whose name is Fish, please stop leaving comments ceaselessly at my chat box, don't break my limit. I'm warning you here. :) Unless you want me to spam your chat box as well. Thank you for your great cooperation. 

Stay tuned. :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Students dancing prelude of Poker face =)

It was actually an usual holiday program class but since my boss asked me to teach them dancing and they were uber unfortunate as I DO NOT HAVE any nice or dynamically fast rhythm song in my phone, except Poker Face... 

I wouldn't mind teaching them songs like Complicated from Avril, Apologize from Timberland and et cetera. Because these are the only songs in my phone.

But I guess that will bore them to death. =__=

So check the video out. Just a small part of Poker Face since I didn't have enough time to teach them the whole part. =)

I know it's kinda LAME but I just don't know how to dance. =__= So I simply assigned them some simple actions from Lady Gaga. 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rapunzel? Rapunel? Repunnziel?

Alright, so what exactly happened yesterday was we went to E@Curve for the premier screening of Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale.


Setting off at 7.30pm, most probably we were gonna be late due to someone's still blowing his long blonde mischievous hair that he claims he couldn't blow them straight every time, especially moments whereby he's gonna be uber late. Fortunately the executive still consented us to pick up our tickets at 8.30pm, and we realized that most of the people were not that punctual, or in other words, they were literally LATE as they got their tickets at 9pm, which was totally over the time limit man.

The movie was said to kick start at 9.00pm, so we got off to the entrance of cinema's halls, ready to have our tickets torn and watch the movie. But we were informed that we can only get in at 9.30pm, so we decided to have our dinner there.

Set Meal from Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen.

Our tickets :)

*From Nuffnang/ChurpChurp and Groupsmore <3*

It's 9.30pm, and god damn, there were freaking lots of people queuing up, for the admin team was going to temporarily confiscate all the recording devices or gadgets of us, to prohibit people from recording the entire movie, as the movie is freshly screened in Malaysia.
Hokey, here's the synopsis of the movie, if you would like to bear yourself with a broken and life's brief synopsis like candle from me, take it on then. I didn't get the synopsis from elsewhere. =)

The story starts with an odd droplet from sun, no idea what that bird shit was called but it seemed to be a very vital element or substantiality in that country which had the Sun logo.

That droplet turned out to be a dazzling magic flower, with glorious appearance. A witch named Mother Gothel, made use of the power from this flower to keep herself from aging. At the same time, the queen of that country was having a severe ailment and the king decided to hunt that magic flower for her so that she could give birth to the baby, which was Rapunzel, successfully. The royal knights found the flower, and the witch was extremely furious to distinguish that her flower was stolen by them. When the queen had eaten the soup made from the flower, she turned to be healthy and was able to give birth to Rapunzel.

Rapunzel was gorgeous, indeed ravishing, with a blonde and long hair.One day, the witch trespassed the fort and stole the baby Rapunzel. The queen and the king were upset and they would light up the lanterns to the sky during Rapunzel's birthday so that Rapunzel would find them one day. The witch treated Rapunzel as her own daughter and grounded her in the tower without letting her out for 18 years.

Rapunzel was bored of staying in the tower. Few days before her 18th birthday, she asked the witch, which was her mother, for a permission to go out to see the lanterns because she surmised that it was beautiful. However, the witch was enraged and warned her that she should never go out as the world outside is filled with evilness and selfishness.

Rapunzel was doleful, of course, as her wish got turned down and her freedom was outright restricted. One day, in fact the next day, a bandit, Rider intruded her tower. The bandit had stolen the Rapunzel's crown, which Rapunzel used to adorn when she was a baby. Rapunzel bound him with her long hair and decided to have a deal with him, i.e. Rapunzel will return the crown to the Rider, if Rider takes her out to see the lanterns.

*It was freaking long. *
With no negotiates that could be made by Rider, Rider took Rapunzel out, and lots of adventurous happenings happened, like they met the bunch of old man, I suppose they were veterans,chased by the royal knights, nearly got drown by the water as they broke the dam. Because Rapunzel's hair would glow when she sang, finally they were saved from the trapped cavern as they found an interstices when they were diving. Rider then told Rapunzel that his real name was actually Eugene.

This part sounds complicated. Go and watch yourself.
Eventually, they reached the capital and began celebrating I-D-K-what kind of festival that could make people randomly sang and danced. When dawn fell, they started to appreciate the releasing of lanterns on the boat. Rapunzel decided to give Eugene back the crown, because she felt that Eugene loved her, so did she.

The witch noticed that Rapunzel had left the tower and the former cooperated with two other bandits that hated Eugene. They distracted Eugene to get on the land, and bound him on the boat and set the boat off, sequencing a scene to let Rapunzel see that the main motive that Eugene was together with Rapunzel was because of the crown.

Eugene was then arrested and accused by the royal knights for stealing the crown. Rapunzel was sad, and she went back to the embrace of Mother Gothel. Soon, Rapunzel realized that she was actually the lost princess in that country, she was quarreling with the witch drastically, trying to figure out who she really was. Mother Gothel tied her, and told her that she'll be the bad people. Obviously when the princess's in danger, the hero will appear. Eugene was rescued by the bunch of man they met last time, and rode on Maximus, the funny horse who behaved rather like a dog, to the tower to get Rapunzel out of danger.

Unfortunately, he was stabbed by Mother Gothpel. Rapunzel wanted to heal him, with a deal that she has to follow the witch forever and cannot go to wherever she wants to go. When she was healing Eugene, Eugene cut Rapunzel's rest of hair off. What resulted was the witch began to turn awfully old, because her source of eternal beauty came from Rapunzel's magic hair, which couldn't be cut. Or else the hair would turn to gray color. The witch was totally mad, and she fell down from the tower because of Pascal the chameleon's trick, a bizarre one. LOL 

So, the witch was abruptly dead, and Rapunzel returned to the palace and regained her name as princess. Guess you know the ending right? =)

So overall, it was a good movie. At least it has a good starting and ending. The illustration and narrative skill that the author used are nice, for it's near to reality, as said by someone. 

4.5/5. Worth for you guys to watch.

So, something happened during the whole movie session. Guess what? The movie was totally inverted and fast forwarded. The crowd were like, wtf? What happened? Some even began scolding all sorts of foul words.Suddenly, the whole screen turned dark... and they began to play some music.... Initially I thought some criminals broke in. I know, it's dramatic.

The administrator of Groupsmore came up, and apologized for this glitch, for they didn't know such thing would have happened. One of them scolded fxxx..... I guess they shouldn't say so, though I felt like giving them a big applause. They should be more rational in settling this sort of stuff. How if there were kids there? The crowd was getting so angry because the sudden stop just brought their moods down. The chaos started to get aggravated and the officer from Disney Produce apologized and to compensate us, we will get another pairs of premiere screening tickets for another time, definitely not the same movie again. Are we considered as LUCKY?

They said that it was projector's problem. Well, obviously it wasn't.They should have previewed the movie before. In addition, we were told that we'll have a 3D screening but it ended up with 2D. It's really disappointing. Hopefully this won't happen in the next premier screening that they promised to compensate us.

Finally got back my belongings.

Stay tuned. =)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Treat from Nuffnang and Marilyn Manson + How I toured KL in just 3 hours + International Health Fair

Planned to update yesterday but I just couldn't do so due to the lame connection.

So, a big thanks to the double of Marilyn Manson. Although he didn't manage to bear off IPhone, he got a reward from the Digi yellow plump man via email and it was quite a well said way to give away consolation prize that the yellow man was pretty much overwhelmed by all the finalists' costumes and was sad that he couldn't give all the finalists an IPhone 3Gs. LOL

Credits to Joshua Law's blog for the edited photo. =)

Here they are! The vouchers from Nuffnang. :) RM100 in total.

We (again, me, miss evon, ppet and labiii) went to Thank God It's Friday - TGI Fridays' to dine.

Miss Evon and Labiiii.


Camwhoring with Labiii's DSLR.

Kinda disappointed that they do not offer the course meal anymore. So we just simply got ourselves some dishes which looked literally appetizing and delectable from the menu.

Lipton - Ice Lemon Tea.

Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms. More to ''zap fan'' to me. LOL

Los Angeles Almond Chicken Salad.

As shown in the menu:

The actual one:

The fried chicken was pretty chill. =__=

Friday's cheese burger. The beef wasn't that tender and it smelt foul to me and I would rather eat fries. =.=

The surroundings:

I'm not that kind of artistic person and if you were to ask me how's the interior design of it, I'll just tell you that it looks completely like a mess as they dumped everything on the wall without decent arrangement. =__=

Overall, I wasn't that full up and didn't really feel contented but I had no appetite to go on anymore. Anyhow, it's hokey since each of us had to pay for only RM6.


Just skip this section if you think it's wordy and bore some because I'm gonna be unraveling you how I toured KL in just a few hours.

I received an sms informing me to go for an interview on either this Friday or Saturday for home tuition. I decided to go on Friday's night since I was free.

The location of that tuition centre is located at somewhere nearby Plaza Prima and I presumed that it's a shopping mall, since shopping mall tends to have the word Plaza.

Using googlemap, I knew I have to pass through Jalan Kuching, Jalan Mahameru, Jalan Tun Razak and lastly Jalan Pahang. ==

The beginning part of this tour was hokey till the point I reached a junction. I got exceedingly confused and quickly turned to the left side, which was correct.

Out of the blue, another absurd junction appeared! WTF. No choice, you know how terrific KL drivers are. They hold me back to go to the left side, which I supposed should be right.

So I went to the right side, and wth? It dawned upon me that going to the right side at first would be the same as going to the right side now.

No idea on what I am crapping here? Have a nice look at the pic here.

Get it? I was severely stranded. =___=

I was striving to find the U-Turn and unfortunately I couldn't see any of them around that area.

Astonishingly, I went to Jalan Bukit Bintang there and got myself trapped in the massive and congested traffic jam...

Thank God it was Friday because everybody gonna be rocking downtown and rejoicing the arrival of weekend.

I read the road sign and headed to Jalan Cheras so that I could get the way to UCSI and reverse from there. I'm a noob in recognizing road, as I told you earlier. --

However, later I found out that going to UCSI would be a long tedious journey, though I had already reached Jalan Cheras by that time.

I simply swerved into an anonymous road and THANK GOD! I saw Pusat Bandaraya and I traced my route according to the road sign, since nothing could assist me. Passed by Ampang by the way.

Eventually I got the way RIGHT again. =___=

I successfully reached that area and started to sort out that shopping mall. I had been calling the principal there for numerous times because I didn't know how to go on further. =___= Apparently he should have his phone changed because the call will automatically drop and I couldn't contact him anymore.....

Instead of driving here and there like idiot searching the way to earn money without paying any effort, I parked my car aside and sought for it.

Saw an uncle and asked him where exactly Plaza Prima is, and he said, just behind ma. ==

wth? After endless round and round and it's just behind that street.Plaza Prima is not a shopping mall anyway.

FINALLLLYYYY........ I arrived..... T.T

The interview was pretty hasty and I got an offer of RM90 for each time of tuition. Yay. =)

Don't get so excited. The story hasn't ended. :)

The principal told me that I'll pass by Tarc College if I get the right way. Then I called Wei Ping out for supper. =)

Ping =)

Two kosong mia Chee Cheong Fun for only RM5! The cheapest Chee Cheong Fun ever!

Probably we ate too much eh? LOL

Laughed non-stop when she called her roommate. =____=

So I moved on to go back. And again, I got lost in direction................................................

I didn't know where I been to when I was driving, because I couldn't see at all. Rain was showering on my car's screen.

Thank you dear wiper. How I wish I could whip your ass out. You wiped nothing, except two or three drops of rainwater. I couldn't notice any road sign... My car was entirely eaten by the rain god.

Invasion of narcissism. :)

You could have gone deaf if you were in my car because I squealed like chicken being killed, especially when I met junction.
I think this drive should be the latest drive that I have ever had.

After countless miles, I met toll and wtf?

I was considering to go other way as I was afraid to go up to highway.

Nevertheless, I went through it and junction appeared in front of me, well, again. I went to the left side one since left side seemed to be correct every time that day.

Surprisingly, I got my track down to Jalan Kuching, the side which is on the way to KL.

To get to the other side, I turned into Sri Hartamas/Sri Putramas/Sri Ayamas, desperately had my fingers fully crossed for U-turn to appear.

Indeed, it came out to be in front of me and it directed me to Jalan Segambut.....

After times and times of being lost in Segambut, I got into Sri Sinar and next Kepong without a hitch. Think so? lol

Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw this?


To sum up, here's the list

Jalan Kuching--> Titiwangsa -->Jalan Bukit Bintang-->Cheras-->Ampang-->Sentul/Setapak/Wangsa Maju-->Gombak-->Jalan Kuching again-->Sri Hartamas-->Segambut-->Sri Sinar-->Kepong.

The End...


We proceeded to International Health Fair on Saturday. Let the photos do the talking part. I'm exhausted for recalling my horrible memory in getting lost.

You'll get your boobs bigger if you consume this product. lol

Miss Evon and Kar Yee.

Had our lunch at the mall afterward. Kenny Rogers.

Don't order smoked BBQ. It ain't nice at all.

and lastly,

The tourist from countryside. LOL

That's all for today. Stay Tuned. =)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Once upon a goddamned time =)

God has been admittedly unfair to everyone. Don't misunderstand the term god here, I'm not referring to the Jesus Christ indeed. Somehow, for me, god wasn't the one who created this whole world.

Hokey, let's get into the topic.

Have you ever been in this sort of situation before? Nobody tends to bother you or give you a goddamn shit, have yourself involved in a circumstance being the most helpless person ever in this universe or have a mere thought of committing suicide so that everything can be miraculously ended without the presence of you? Or sense that their laughter sounds more to sarcasm to you, letting them tease and twist you go round and round like the endless journey, like whirlwind swirling, or treat you like a numb idiot? You hold resentment for them to the max that you can endure. All this while probably you'll ponder or even crave for the happening of big bang to occur, or reoccur, at least, you don't die alone.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure you have had it before. Things just couldn't be equally divided. No such thing as one over two in this world, Malaysia's education system just blindfolded my eyes. They couldn't go round and round like the simplest ever rule, i.e. Have your shits come out after you dine. For example: pretty sluts tend to have more followers or people go after them, though they do not possess any attractive inner side or charisma in them. What wears on their faces are.... No, wrong. It's not mask that you use for cosmetic purposes or any masquerade party, but a thick layer of foundation with mixture of pride which comprises the eeriest vanity that I don't even dare to look at it with my eye's corner, because it beams off some unknown power or maybe rattling strong radiation that can totally eradicate one's confidence. Guess what? Some girls do do that when others couldn't fulfill what they want.

Not to forget to mention the sonuvabitch as well. Ladies, be careful. Sometimes a well looking man can be skilled philanderer. Worst comes to worst if he's Rich. =) You guys might say in unison that, HEY, SO WHAT? This is none of your fucking business. So what? None of my business either if you wish to stick with him. I'm just a poor bastard. No hills of money, no perfect and good looking, no fit body posture, no broad knowledge, or a better term none can be fittingly used to describe me.

Indeed, I'm not deliberating this post because of someone or something. Ya, perhaps I am, intentionally some more, but not to my friend, just some creatures that behave like friends on the crystal clear surface in reality but foes far beyond the real realm. If you were to say necessity is the mother of invention, they I would like to say: the accumulated shits in the intestines are the hindrance to get you constipated.

*I purposely arranged this post in this way so that you'll get bored of reading it. =)
*I turned out to be quite emo because of evon's post. No why. Just emo.
*No why in writing this post. Just ... random. ahem

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Friday, November 12, 2010

mcc KFC + home tuition

I'm having sore throat right now and I cough non-stop these few days. Probably it's because I had KFC (Not Kepong Food Court) as my breakfast, which was supposed to be lunch for you guys, yesterday. How I hope I could grab McD as well. *sense of indulgence* =)

Frankly speaking, the worker there was really mss. Just a simple order also she could get messed up with it. By the way, that blush on her cheeks were so ruddy. LOL

I ordered: 2 LARGE cheezy wedges, 1 EXTRA cheese, 1 snack plate (spicy), and 1 zinger burger. Please take note that one of the cheezy wedges and zinger burgers were for my sis. =___=

But it ended up with: 2 LARGE cheezy wedges, 1 snack plate (spicy), and 2 zinger burgers.....................

Hell no!!! *Doing Eric's favorite action: FACE PALMING.* -.-


Fortunately the amount I paid was lower than the supposed one.

So, it's fine =)


Well, I had supper with Miss Evon and Pet Pet yesterday, due to someone's sudden hunger. Out of the oceanic blue~~We (Me and Miss Evon) came up with an idea and i.e. provide home tuition for those in need. We serve for you. =.=

These are the subjects available. I'm not genius, so I don't teach all the subjects. =.=

Form 1/ Form 2/Form 3:
Mathematics, Sejarah, Geografi, English and Science.

Form 4/Form 5:
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Sejarah.

It's 1 hour and 30 minutes per week, making a total of 6 hours per subject per month.

Of course, free trial class for one day is available and you can actually decline us if you think that you couldn't accept the way we teach. Don't worry, no rattans =)

Besides, time can be discussed and tuition fees wouldn't be that pricey as we are still students.

Feel free and do not hesitate to contact us via our email addresses. Jinjang, Kepong and Selayang areas are preferable.

Mrs. Yap: or Mr. Chong:

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to my brand new blog! Anyhow, it's not really that new. =.=

Currently, I'm having my long awaited holiday right now but I have no idea what to do.

These are what I do every day:

1. Mapling (Lv 53)

2. Facebooking (surprisingly I do this the least)

3. Twittering (not that frequent either)

4. Watching PPS. Thanks to Miss Evon for introducing Lie to ME. It isn't that bad after all, just that sometimes it might be a bit over exaggerate that Tim Roth, which is the main character in this drama, can genuily comprehend what kind of conspiracy lies under a sinner's mind.

That's sooooo 'not real' and with hundred percent, I can guarantee that it won't happen in reality. I mean, it's alright if you can tell whether a person is lying or not, but it makes no sense if you are able to know how the whole story of that particular person goes just by his/her facial expression. =___=

I know it does not depict on any person or what, but something came across my mind when I saw different kinds of expressions of those politicians and murderers. Oh well, these are undeniably real and I believe that they might have taken some materials from them. Or else they wouldn't have made this drama so successful. LOL

Anyhow, I like how the way he solves a mystery and his outspoken attitude by telling everyone nearby him what the latter is considering, even though I know that it's FAKE.

I have been watching this drama since Sunday, but broken connection just stops this drama's temptation towards me.

<3 Stop reading if you are a mad snowflake lover.

5. We ( Me, Miss Evon, Pet Pet and Miaosssslabiiiiiiiii) went to the legendary snowflake, hot spot whereby teenagers nowadays go, and they claim that this shop has the BEST dessert ever. =.= I was quite surprised to see that it wasn't a shop but looked something like a stand.

Plus, too bad. They had already finished selling their TARO BALLS. The size of one bowl of snowflake was the exactly the same as what the photos show. My first impression towards it was, yucks, it sucks. But now, my latest updated impression towards it is, never ask me to try on how shit tastes again. Come on, though it didn't taste like shit to me but it was freaking near to that level.

No offense, but I think snowflake lovers may ride the fuck on me when they see this. Plus I was so lucky to witness the power of NEVERMELTICE. It only started to melt when we were about to finish it. I took almost one hour to finish this =___=

Perhaps we should try on their TARO BALLS? No idea.

That's all for the update.

Stay Tuned =)

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

woot! peeps~~~ I'm back nia~~~ lol

Apparently tons of stuffs happened, but no photo was taken. == Why?

It's because my phone is still under repair. I feel like 'cheong sui' that shop because they have taken my phone for almost 1 phone!! GOSH -- SEI HAK DIM

Guess what? Still, I managed to survive-- with my mum's phone.....

I did call them and ask when can I get back my phone...

They didn't answer....

Tonight gonna go there.... >(


Uni's life has been pretty alright. At least, I didn't get to meet weird people as in HELP. --

I thought I don't have to deal with calculus again when I'm in uni, still..... argh.... I HATE CALCULUS.... HATE MATHS...ZZZ

I wonder who created calculus..... Come on, you're so sinful for bringing so many problems to students. zz

Gonna attend a camp this Saturday. Oh well, it's just a 1 day camp. It holds a total of 30% of total assessment of technical communication subject.

Have to deal with impromptu speech and persuasive speech.... No preparation can be done..... argh.... wish me luck...

and I'm done with moral~~~~ weee~~~~

Thanks to all the dedicated group member for doing a great job and giving me a surprise birthday celebration..... T.T

It's MANGO flavor. TOO BAD Beng and Hanteng don't like it. haha

start from left, tanting ( pro video editor), beng (pro computer and powerpoint designer), michelle (pro leader and teacher. haha), hanteng (pro painter) lol.

I know you can't see my eyes. @.@

Thank you so much guys. haha

and thanks to my 'daughters' too =)

So sorry because no photo....T.T We had a celebration at errr. well, the restaurant's name is HEAVEN but you don't really feel like heaven at all. haha.

But I appreciate that very much because this is the third year you girls celebrating for me though quite a lot of you couldn't make it that day. *gam dong* lol


That's all ~~~
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