Thursday, October 6, 2011


Pretty long hiatus huh? The reason that I'm blogging now... blah blah blah


Ya right? Pathetically I have turned out to be really busy now, you know? BEE EEE ASS WHY. 

I miss my long awaited sitcoms that will soon be aired or airing right now. GLEE, Modern Family and et cetera et cetera. *banging wall* Oh, and Crayon Shinchan!!! Long time no see, ya right? I'm kind of like a lifeless dude when leisure moments are available. But that how fun comes right? :D

By the way, this semester is a real catastrophic semester. Having taught by a so called GOOGLE lecturer who knows NOTHING but HOLY CRAPPING instead :D 

Let me tell you this. He couldn't even pronounce the alphabet m correctly. 

His accent for m is yem. n is yen

What happens when he reads the unit mm^square? *laughing out loud*

I couldn't really bear with this douche. 

He couldn't teach AT ALLLLLLL I tell you! 

All he's able to stick in his tiny little ant-being mind is the ways to blame on students when students don't give him a DAMN. 

*FYI: Ant doesn't have brain. I think? Whatever.*

I have tried to best to ''bestow'' everything I could to you. If you don't appreciate, fuck off and have a life then. No point being a lecturer who owns hatred deep from every student's heart.*direct translate. duh* :)

Another lecturer is kind of a fresh grad? But he's not that professional la. LOL. Cantonese always gets mixed into lecture or even conversation. But he's way too young to be a doctorate grad =__= Guess what? He can still show his student id card when he's buying movie tixs WTH?

The subject taught by him is MARVELOUSLY hard =.=

I just failed my mid-term I guess. The term ''failed'' this time is not ''above average but not to max''. Fortunately he does lend us HANDS when we need guidance and assistance. Unlike the other one =3= BUT =_=  I wish I could pass this subject. =(

Anyway, done with crapping nonsense because I mmg have no idea what to write. Simply because boredom attacks. Hi, Bye, have a nice day ahead.

Btw, the title ''Baile'' means dance in Sepanyol if I'm not mistaken. This was introduced by Sofia Vergara. Every word that comes out from her is so beautiful yet funny. lol

Chill Chill, every thing shall end in three weeks time. :D

Don't stay tuned. Stay happy. :D

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