Friday, April 30, 2010

I went to Mid Valley with Wei Ping today to buy my Himalaya Soap.

This soap is specially dedicated for those who are having skin sensitive problems, like rashes all over one's body and skin gets itchy easily after bathing.

Then went to focus point there to redeem my FREE contact lens~~~ but the sad thing is I have to wait for another two weeks due to the shortage of stock. -.-

Ended up with the urge to shit AGAIN while waiting for stupid KTM.

While fetching Wei Ping back, someone texted me.


I nearly forgot it and sped home.

As usual...

Went to facebook to see everyone's reaction.

[aiyah, shit]

[omg. failed??]

[sad, I screw them up]

[Hate accountings!!!]

[My FIRST Ever Credit--]

[all distictions.--]

These were all the reactions they gave anyway.--

again, as usual, I used a paper to cover the result and revealed 1 by 1.

First, calculus.


Next, Chemistry...


Beh tahan.



Physics is the troublemaker every time. --

not going to announce. I'm low-key people. lol

That's all for that. I'm officially done with my foundation.--


I'll be going to Taylors tomorrow.


Pray hard so that I can get what I want there.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weeee~~ I think I'm supposed to keep this blog alive since I'm having my holiday now, but still, it sounds a bit dead. LOL

Oh well, I had quite a lot of outings with friends after final and consequently I'm having financial crisis now. --

The main outing place was Genting. Just login to facebook to see more. lol

Anyhow, I got few pictures here.

Counting tickets and $$.


speechless. -.-''

I have no idea why they put this kind of hmmm..... decoration huh? lol. Well, for me, it doesn't adorn that particular place at all.

Took it when we were having our dinner.

It was quite fun, despite missing the bus to there, paying extra for cab and vomiting inside the toilet.

Sounds miserable right? lol


When's our result supposed to come out?

Some say 29 while some 30.

Even the book there also stated 30, though it's a bit outdated till the mid-term date also stated wrongly.@.@

@.@ Pray ................. dok do lok dok..........CHIANG ~~~~~~
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Really Sorry, paiseh, bobonochai, oligatai and nandayeyo.

I know it has been quite a long long time since my last blogged.

Well, final was ended last Thursday with the last subject CHEMISTRY...

Okay, first.

Preparations before final -.-

Had a Mc-D supper. Seriously, I like the chili sauce so much!!!

After that, went home to have my
Mister Potato and Nescafe - Mocha flavor.


This was the moment whereby I got really frustrated as my fluorescent light was burnt out when I was studying my 13 CHAPTERS of Chemistry.

Mad d. --

Calculus was okay. Hopefully the graph part will be alright.

Physics was okay too. I think I won't get too many questions wrong GUA. -.-

Chemistry was okay three. Regret for screwing mid-term paper-.-

Anyhow, I'm DAMN proud of my Chemistry II. Undeniably, it was the hardest subject I had ever in foundation.



and hats off to me, as I have finished my foundation. =)

But I have to make the hardest ever decision now i.e. choosing a right university.

I have two options here.

1st. Taylors (which I prefer the most in these two)
As you guys know, Taylors is quite a prestigious university here, though not with the subject Chemical Engineering.

Plus I'm quite sure that I can get the partial scholarship they offer, though just 30% and it's only for the first year. -.- I'll have to pay RM17k for my first year while RM2xk for my 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. I'll check it out whether I can continue to get the scholarship or not if I'm able to sustain.

Besides, the campus will either be in Subang or PJ, which is quite far from my house. @.@

In addition, the next intake is in October, which means that I have to wait for 5 months!!! OMG

2nd. UCSI
Same thing. It's not well-known for chemical engineering course. However, it's cheaper than Taylors. It doesn't offer scholarship, but I'll just have to pay RM16k for every year.

Plus it's nearer(as compared to Taylors but further than HELP) and the next intake is 4th of May.

Meaning to say, I have to make up my mind before 4th of May and the result will be released on 30th of April.

Oh Gosh! I have only less than 4 days to consider!!! *faint*

Anyway, I had an outing with my college mates. Gonna miss them since this will be the last time to see them. T.T

Having our lunch but brunch for me at Nando's. =) I was promoting Nando's. LOL


And went for bowling afterward. ~~~~~~~~



That's all for now. =)
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