Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey folks!!! I'm proud to say that


Oh well, it isn't something to be damn proud of since everybody gets a chance to study bachelor. LOL. K la, I'm think I'm the most HIGH one.

Perhaps it's because I have been worrying about it for a long time and eventually I can get it done.

I'm supposed to start my class today (I'm now blogging at midnight), but since they can't process something for me in just one day so I decided to go there on Wednesday.

It's a totally DIFFERENT environment from HELP. By the way, I'm going UCSI.

I did a test today and it showed that I had used up 30 minutes going home. *It was raining and jamming. 5pm*

So I think it should be okay since the worst condition already turned out.

NO MORE PLAY PLAY during degree. I really regret for fooling my foundation. Some facts might have changed if I didn't fool around.

I'm now kinda nervous because I have missed quite a lot of lectures, due to the LOW working efficiency of the officers at HELP--.

Me:'When can I get the transcript?'
Officer:'Next week.'

Plus, they didn't ask me to take the letter of completion since I had already said "I'm transferring to other college.''

Me:'When can I get the letter of completion?'
Officer:'Next week.'
Me:'what the??'

I went to HELP today.

Me:'Can I get my letter of completion?'
Officer:'Oh, wait.'

......Waited for 15 minutes...

Then only they printed it out. -- It is just a simple letter that they can get it done very fast. --




WELCOME UCSI. (I think I'll insult it once I get to know it deeper. LOL)

I shall enjoy my day to the fullest since it's already the last day to be free.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can't help but be patient

I have been telling people that I'm notably worried about my degree program.

It's really envious seeing you guys gonna kick start your degree life soon.

While for me?


Right, this was what happened when we reached Taylors. (Not to mention that I was late. and thanks Mr Ho for being such a dedicated driver. LOL)

We saw the enormously HUGE brand new lakeside campus. *wow ~~~ WOW!!! We can't stop expressing our euphoria towards it*

But the parking was a bit... ungracious.

Then we bumped into HELP's bus driver, which I couldn't recognize at all. PS: I know Linggam only. LOL

and I forgot to bring my phone along (found out that I left it under the car seat afterward)... No photo was taken.

After that, headed to their main admission unit there.

By the way, their facilities were AWESOME.

I bet students who come here once will never wish to go back to HELP. LOL

Then met with the officer there, and registered ourselves. (I got myself an email from them afterward. How efficient compared to HELP...--)

Then we had a inquiry session with the coordinator there.

It was a very disappointing answer from them as for 30% scholarship cannot be continually obtained even though you sustain your result.

Well, I'm not even sure whether I can get it or not now. --

We had no idea how's the scholarship system works and so we left them with a copy of result.

Then we went to Sunway Pyramid to have our lunch.

Then we received a call from them.

'Sorry, this is not an official document and so we can't process it for you.'

Really OMG-.-It's the same thing, just that it's a photocopy.

Thus, we got the lead out to HELP to ask whether we can get our OFFICIAL transcript or not.

But sadly, we can't--

We printed out our result from mypride and got it certified by admin.

Then rushed to Taylors again.

We thought we can get to know it already.

But then....

'Please fill in this form. Thank you.'

That was scholarship application form.

We can only know whether we getting it or not in 2 weeks time...

and UCSI had already started their orientation in this week and I must get in there in 2 weeks time in case I can't get the scholarship.

Oh my god.


How am I going to wait????@@@@@@@
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