Tuesday, March 30, 2010







pening @_@

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Friday, March 26, 2010

ANe ha sei yo, sei ng sei dak yor people =)

Well, post today has nothing to do with Korean or anything with regards to Korea. LOL

Finally finished my two quizzes for this week. It's kind of unfair but SUAN la.

Next week calculus again. sigh. 3 quizzes for calculus I already BEH TAHAN and people before me had to take 4 quizzes for calculus. OMG

I had a really special opening for calculus class today as someone brought his guitar and Mr Joel asked him to sing a song.

Their singing were ok ~~ But I think I can sing better than them, of course, without guitar :p. LOL! jkjk

Then Mr Joel was ... hmm... forced to play? lol perhaps =) under the PRESSURE OF applause of so many people lol

Oops. spotted by people when I was attempting to picture. LOL

Serious one=)

That's all :)
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Friday, March 19, 2010

~~~~ Just a random post to ‘LIVE' this dead blog.

Apparently, there's nothing special for this week.

I had done my chemistry project for experiment part. Now got to rush for REPORT... again -.- Crap..................

The project for Chemistry II wasn't really that complicated and troublesome as Chemistry I as we were given only two weeks to settle all the stuffs whereas more than one month for Chemistry I.

Oh well, AGAIN, I nearly burnt the whole Chemistry lab as I turned the wrong gas provider when the fire went out. LOL.

I looked rattling awkward and clumsy that time. Fortunately I didn't break the thermometer or else I would have to pay for another RM24...-.-

Had my Calculus quiz today. Felt so relief that I didn't late for class as my phone's alarm continued ringing from 8.30am-9.40am without me noticing. -.- and the phone battery status left only 1 more bar . LOL

Basically, it was ok, though I knew I won't be able to score pretty well AGAIN. sigh

Next week pulak I'll be having my Physics and Chemistry quizzes on the same day. @.@ argh...stressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss~~~~~

Okay, now it comes to the complain part.

If you know who you are when you are seeing this, better KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN WIDELY and look at it properly.

At first you memang gave me an impression that you're that type of GIRL who can actually be really funny at times and not really that 'small-gas'. -.-

However, little did I know that declining your request would have resulted in your anger.

Frankly speaking, that sentence that came out from your flirty mouth that day had TOTALLY destroyed your status in me.

I don't wanna mention who she is.

and yes, I'm 'double-faced' weirdo.

I can be really friendly in front of you.

If you were to ask me IS THAT ME?

I'll just answer NO to you. I already tried making this post as abstract as possible so that people couldn't guess you out.

I found myself being really DUMB DUMB-.-

I should have realized it earlier.


Please change your attitude towards people.

People won't endure your behavior just because of who you are but how you are.

Not more than 1 month left and we'll be ending our foundation.

Can you do so? -.-
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's sort of big problem to me when I'm starting to blog as I don't really have any idea how to begin with.

Well, again, I have abandoned my blog for almost one month * should be more than 1 month huh?*

Anyhow, this is going to be a long post I think.

Firstly, mid-term-- argh. I haven't got my calculus paper which I'm very worried about it right now...--

Chemistry was a BIG BIG OMG to me. I scored FREAKING LOW marks, BUT... what to do? You didn't really work hard for it right?

Physics was ok. Just have a look at my score and you'll know what happened. =)

Both mine and Mr Ho's scores. LOL But these are not included in our overall marks. ~ Lucky ~~~

Secondly, LEADERSHIT camp -.-

I guess you guys have already known those activities there so I'll just briefly talk about that.

Well, overall it was ok, yet boring sometimes.

I purposely went and bought this pair of shoes. --

I thought we have to wear it during those activities such as water rafting and caving. But we just wore for fun there--.

and torchlight as well, which was considered as really gigantic as compared to others' torchlight there. LOL

Spotted this too when I was shopping =)

Then it now comes to the camp part.

I brought my BIG luggage there and everybody was saying:' wah, you going LA or UK? -.-'

Mr Ho posing with my luggage. *Dark-brown color*

Then everybody gathered at lower foyer.

Posing in the bus =)

If you're familiar enough with this person you'll probably know who am I trying to impersonate in the photo~~~
*heee~~~ hee~~~ heeeeeee~*

The oddly part was that I didn't know why the bus took such a long time which was about 4 hours to reach there. -.-

We should reach there within 3 hours--

Alright, the camp site didn't really disappoint me that much. Initially I thought we have to stay in a tent for 3 days and 'answer your wonderful nature's call' by digging a hole.-.-

These are the views there.Just ignore that half-naked person. LOL

This is the toilet there. -.- It looks not bad from outside. But inside there...-.-Yes.-- The door cannot be fully closed, left some interstices whereby people can barely see your thingy from outside. LOL!

1st day:
We reached there at about 5/6 pm something. Had our very first exercise there where people will get painted easily by their crayon which they proclaimed that it's made in Taiwan. @.@

Then, had a briefing session by a coordinator who was Miss CJ - Cindy J about stuffs there and formed our group-BUBU which is sook yan's name if I'm not mistaken.

Our group~ My piece of artwork~~~. LOL! It was the ugliest among the three drawings =)

The meal they provided.

Credits to Tze Yang for these photos. =)

Knew a lot of people too =)

Then we were allowed to sleep. But thank you girls, for your harassment till we can't really fall asleep. --

What to do? Gambled there =)

We didn't bet money but water. The rule was simple: The one who loses will have to drink one cup of water SAJA. LOL! Someone's urinary bladder eventually burst. *sendiri faham-faham aje lah~*

2nd day:
We had a mini game as exercise in the morning.

Got painted. T.T

Wore like a bandaraya uncle that day. Left a broom saja.-.-

Rubber shoes that we bought there. omg. So Grossssssss! Someone screamed in a super high pitch way when he saw this. You know who you are =)

Then, we moved on to the river side by a lorry. We had our very very first water rafting there.

I thought we have to continue rafting from the top to the bottom of the river.

But it was 'MAI LIKE THAT LO' for me. Why? Because we had to wait till other group finished the pathway only we can continue. Meaning to say, you get HIGH for a moment and then stop. -.-

-- Maggie, it wasn't really that fun lah.

I survived but nearly got dead because I can't breathe when they were asking us to swim using a live-jacket.--

I was the last one who swam and everybody was laughing at me because I swam like a dead katak--

Fortunately I didn't die or else everybody would have laughed like hell when they see the header section on newspaper: ' A student was drown with a live jacket wearing on him ' =.=

Then we had our lunch. Then continued with caving and Kak Iem was our coordinator.

We entered GUA Kandul. It was really thrilling and dangerous and inside was DARKER THAN DARK, LOL! We had only two candles and 1 lighter and you might fall into a deep valley if you go to another wrong way. and you know the consequence la =)

Saw one dead snake when we were heading to Gua Kandul and another one alive but sleeping when we were coming out from the Gua.

As from Kak Iem, it was named as Gua Kandul because someone named Kandul entered the gua and never came back afterward.

Probably he's dead now *should be lah because he entered the Gua 50 years ago I think*. Sorry and paiseh if I accidentally stepped on your skeleton.

Besides, I felt something was watching over me when I was in that gua.

Parhaps it was apparition? I didn't know. I had lots of goosebumps when I saw lots of Komunis thingy. -.- and their sticky blood which can color their Komunis logo on the wall. LOL!

I enjoyed reading the memorial there. Such as:‘Komunis should be the king... Komunis this and that and suddenly F . U. C. K? What the fuck? -.- Well, they were actually somebody's contengan. -.-

We supposed to be the last group to reach the last destination. But then we surpassed the 2nd runner up group just by walking faster. LOL! They didn't even notice that! +)

Oh ya, we were not allowed to bring our camera so no photos were taken. Paiseh~

Then we had our dinner and slept.

3rd day:
We had the roping thingy. I have no idea what it is called.

Anyway, they were just some elements for you to pass through, at 25 m above the ground I think.

It was ok.

Just something to blame the coordinator there. -.-

I hate climbing rocks and boulders. -.-

When I reached a certain point, that coordinator asked me to go down from the left, then right.

When I was done with it, he x tau siam to where-.-

Then I tried going down myself..--


I lost my balance and hit myself on the wall =) memang a bit 'qi bek' . LOL!

I managed to finish 2 elements. Just left one which was Flying Fox...-.- as time didn't allow... zzz

After that, went back to have our lunch. and went home.

and live happily ever after =)

These were what I discovered when I got home. =(

I got bitten by 'DOCTORATE' level mosquitoes-.- Seriously, they were smart and strong because they knew which part to bite and they were able to resist mosquitoes repellent-- crazy mosquitoes =.=

Skin got tanned as well =(

Went to 'bong chan' some stalls in stats fun fair. LOL!

My pride~~~weee~ =)
and eventually my DELL DELL reached!!!



That's all~ Will update if I'm free~
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