Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi folks~

Yoyoyo what's up? -- blah. lame--

Alright, after a donkey days, I think more than 1 week huh? Fine, I shall update my blog~

Right, astonishingly~ I did an explicit change for the upcoming Chinese New Year. ~


For those of you who don't know, I had dyed my hair which most of the people call me as LALA/Angmo/whatever now... =-=

Dying my hair. I was so anticipated to know how my hair will turn to be.

By the way, I like that turning thingy~ Woot, as if you're an astronomer 'Moonwalking' in the space~(too exaggerate already. LOL)

and nah, here's the result. Don't blame me for doing facial with computer~

Initially I was kind of indulged in my hair color but most of the people were saying that the color is too light.

After all, I was the one who chose this color with the advices from the stylist....

So, there's no point to cry over split milk~ Well, it looks fresh for me anyway~



Wee. I had gone to 1Utama for don't how many times, Midvalley for 1 time, Jusco those......infinity. ~

and so yeah~ My pride and joy~~~~

wee. ^^



Right, dad and mum had decided to renovate my room. and woot~

Here's the result~

Still, it looks kinda messy for me. Thank you Dad and Mum. I put Dad first because he did these all by himself. OMG.

Oh ya, look at the white portion between the table and the closet, it's actually whiteboard! omg. I wonder where did my dad get this.

I think I'll be using it if I'm going to teach tuition.

That's all for today. Will update more~ (If Free la)~ See, I'm such a dedicated blogger cause I left my works undone just to 'quench your thirst'(from happy farm) ~
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Friday, February 5, 2010

I had my calculus quiz today and I was really scared that I'll be absent 'accidentally' because I burned my midnight oil till quite late I guess.

Anyway, my mum managed to wake me up and tapao 'wan tan mee' with extremely scrumptious 'cha siu' that was burnt a bit.

Alright, back to here. When I reached HELP which doesn't really help me, I thought there will be lots of parking slots available as it's Friday's routine~

But then walaoweh.

No parking and again, I had to block people's car.==

I hate blocking people's car especially when I'm having quiz... zzz

Can you imagine the circumstance whereby you're very stressful solving question and there it comes, your phone is ringing with an unknown number shown! Omg.

But fortunately I've never tried that before. ~

Seriously, HELP's parking sucks!

The parking slots are exaggeratedly LIMITED!

On Wednesday when I was finding parking slot, there were these little brittle clamped 'kancil' and 'kenari' blocking the whole way out. zzz

The pathway, oh no, should be the GAP -- was so narrow.

I was trying to get through it.

I passed half of my car, but then....

@#$^&*(#$%^&*, some eerie sounds were coming out. (You know what happened).

Others were brilliant enough to reverse can go to another way. =-=

Oh well, luckily the 'wonderful scar' wasn't that pretty big that I expected.

I was planning to kick and use my key to leave a 'wonderful scar' to that two cars as well.

But then there were some cars finding parking there, so I didn't do so. =-=

SCREW YOU!!!! RM 50 fine is too little for you!!! ARGH!!! =-=

Ok, come back to the quiz. I'm not really that confident with what I had done. hmm.

Luckily Mr Joel gave me some hints, and so I decided to change my answer. LOL

I was so concentrated thinking the right answer and suddenly there was a finger pointing my answer in front of me. OMG.

and hooray!!!

I have no class tomorrow!!! wee~
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

.....................................I'm stupid.................................................................

I have no idea why am I so stupid in everything............

Question that you should get it right with full marks, you got it wrong.

Cj Chong, can you become clever a bit or not?

You're stupid, yet you don't wanna be more hardworking.

and when it's time to check the answer, you don't wanna check properly.

I doubt your ability to become an engineer.

You have yet to go through one more tomorrow.

argh........... sigh.
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