Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, yesterday I went to a tuition center to help Miss Ong to teach her class since she was busying for her Carnival Project.

She told me juz to wear a collar shirt n not to wear jeans.

Well, I juz hv 1 chocolate long pants. My pants 95% jeans==

Then hv to find a collar shirt to suit the pants... Again, i gt more t-shirt than collar shirt--... So, I juz found a pink colour shirt which roughly suit it==

But the tutor there told me i wore toooooooo casual==. Helo. i juz folo the instruction u gave--...

I have waited for 40 mins for the class to start...lolz Coz I hv 2 wait the students from the other class to come here...

n yet tat tutor gave me sososososooooooo many tasks to finish in juz 1 hour n 30 mins... wahlao... somemore the students right there some finished but some not yet...

I reali hope to gt a cane from s0meone as u noe, i dun reali like kids--

They were walking n chatting there!!!

I gt irritated n yelled at them...

Luckily i juz taught them for 1 day. I'll reali slap their face if i was Miss ONG...==


Lolz. My wonderful nighttime won't end up wif dullness~

I had a great night wif my PBSM's daughter and their mummy~

At 1st, our main purposes were to organise a farewell party for Shu Pei as she is going to leave us soon n live in Sime Darby's hostel.

But, when I went to toilet tat time and came out,

someone like trying to stop me from going outside there...

then when i came out from toilet, wow...

A birthday cake~ IT'S A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! FOR ME!!!

So touch man~

N I had an unforgetable birthday song. Here's the lyrics


Erm, meaning to say, my birthday was none of their business... haha

Well, guess i have to make my wish faster so that the whole cake won't gt burn. haha By the way, Pei Yee, why were u digging ur nose??? So awful... yuck~

Ready to blow it~~~

U noe, it was written:' 老豆, 你老了!!!
n yet, wat I saw was :'老目(老母),你老了!!!

My eyes' power soosooooo strong rite?==

The waiter there offered us ice-cream leh~ So lucky ~

Then, gt surprise somemore...

I received tis photo from the envelope they gave me...
Argh==Guess wat, tis was my photo when i was in skul for my final singing competitition.== looks sooooooo stupid....lolz

Tis 1 is 1 year later... but it looks stupid oso. Fine==

Pei Yi n Me~

N tis little artist drew something for me~

Nice n the most hilarious comic pic tat I ever received.

eh... I thought free 1 but have to belanja her makan... haha... Anyway, nice picture~

Pui Teng was helping her to promote pic... haha

Dang dang dang gang~ Tis is my PBSM Happy Family. Though I am the only guy but it's ok ald coz i'm used it to ald...~ 10 gals n 1 guy~Sometimes a bit kesian lur coz bully by them. Can't imagine these little 10 gals bully people rite? haha.


Actually they were very kind 1 la~


YAM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Thank you so much for giving me a memorable birthday surprise again. Reali nice to know you all. It's my pleasure and honour to b u gals' fren man...

though sometimes I might b a bit fussy or sot sot ..........Anyway, thanks again! ( not crying la k....feel touching oni)


Today we headed back to skul for carnival...

Oh my gosh man==

Our time to gather was 10.00am n yet i woke up oni when chee kong called me~ paiseh ho~

We hardly found a parking slot--- sosososo packed....

When me, Miss Evon n Ck gt there...

It was damnx100 hot man................

V went to MTE ( Majlis Tingkatan Enam) to buy ABC ICE ~

Comment: It was not tat nice but not tat bad. haha

Miss Evon and I~ ck duno siam to where ald== haha

So crowded---

I have no idea how they gt tis funny thing.

Wall game organised by MTE ...

Bumped into somebody whom i gt so irritated==

He said my outlook looked funny n he was the 1 wif uncle's dressing. Helllllo! I'M juz 17! U were the 1 hu look repulsive! N if u do 1 2 marry plz go ahead--

Fine... The carnival tis year was not tat pleasurable as tooo less stall available...

Then night went to have steamboat at 'Hong Hong's restaurant wif Giap, Chan, Alyssa, Elaine and professional housewife~

Our pot was soooo full== I think we drop in watever can b dropped==

Omg... Honeystar was drowning!!! n finally, these were their corpse ~

Manyaknya yang mati== Kesiannya....

After we finished our buffet steamboat, v gt to Jessie's house for another steamboat party~ n well~ U can;t picture a person hu was ald full can take in 2 plates of agar-agar....~

I managed to finish it~ Y do I look so happy== It won't assist me in dieting -- haiz...

I'm becoming fatter== It's true--
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

let me b a bit emo== I'm mentally fragmentized!!!

Oh yeah!!!

My mid-term finally over!!! Tat's y i regained my time to blog~

I was having my coooooooooomputing as the last sub~~~

A day before it, i resorted to burn the midnight oil-- ( hu ask u not to read frequently)

Fine, conclusion for tis test. It was ok.

But guess I won't gt extraordinary beautiful result, including English coz tat air-cond freezed me...

It was freaking cold when i sit for English==

Then go to the Main Block there to look for a counsellor wif Christin and her bf MJ. (They r sosososososososososososososo sweet... n lovingly..)

Fine, i won't die without a galfriend, kinda burdensome for me. chew~~

Tat counsellor...-=- Omg

Let me b emo a bit.

Ass hole la u! U noe wat he said to me?

He keep on condemn n attack me wif his fucking mouth! lolz.

He said:' the world is not as perfect and nice as wat u c.'

n he asked me to choose others subject such as Mass com, IT n blah blah.

Tis is for u:

For such old ass crustacious bitches such as yourselves you sure act a hell of sosososososososososo educated n mature.

You own a fucking job.

I'm having a pretty fucking hard time believing that i spent as much time to fuck off wif u at the office! u r wasting my time!

Take your "money spent training you" and shove it up your passive aggressive dumbfuck piece of shit gangrenous ass.

Maybe you'd have more money and be a more successful lecturer if you actually spent time teaching instead of bitching about your pathetic ass existence and harass student wif ur fucking grubby mouth!

N yet u question me freaking stupid ques = U r not sure wif ur career tat u wan rite? Go back n think about it!

Fuck your trash counsellor table n seat! You'r not qualified to sit on it at all!. And more than anything else ever in the history of the world GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Do I have to ask you if i know wat m I going to do?

You r gtting a fucking salary every month for bitching up students!

SHUT UP DUDE and eat ur own shit. Wat the fuck!

wahlao. I have written so many things....I was too angry man== -- Fine... N thx for Christin and MJ's guidance as well~ But I found out my greatest interest is not in calculation but scolding bithces--


After tat, bought 2 cheezy wedges which were fulled wif Cheeeeeeeeeesess~~~weee~~~

I memang couldn't bear wif the aroma of cheezy wedges. oh man, it drives me crazy!!!

Bought 2 cheezy wedges and 1 cheese baked potatoes as my effort payment~


Planned to sleep in the afternoon but disturbed by Pui Teng... juz to lend her a calculator.

But anyhow we did chat a lot...

Later discovred someone went together wif me to Carnival. n I wasn't too pleasant to b wif him, eventhough i dun reali hate him as much as when I was in form 5...

Then asked Mr Chee Kong and Miss Evon to go to Carnival.

wow. I think i spend the whole day chatting wif everybody...

UCSI so loose wif their exam.

Tis was wat I heard from Mr CK juz now.

It is possible to bring a book inside n check answer.

All the exam papers r in mcq form.==

It was incredibly awesome...


sleep== let me cool down. sleep==

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Guess wat?

Tis was my first presentation day.

A day before it, tues, v, Nirai, Amanda n I, worked until midnight.....

N, v guys planned to print all the things right over there.

So... v have late for 1 hour...lolz

But it was fine. Coz the whole class late oso==

Argh... After finished printing the whole thing...

We entered the class... n the whole class was... soooooooooooooo QUIET==

Finally, we were asked to present--

U noe, most of the groups, keep on scolding by tat fussy women==

She'll definitely find an excuse to scold as she she was reali frustated coz the whole class prepared all the things in last minute.

Luckily, for our presentation, she juz asked a ques and we finished our things well.

But for others group... They were able to present their introduction only n everything ended...

phew~~~ Now only i knew how come people so afraid of presentation n yet i'll laugh at them coz I've never been in their shoes before.... Sry for tat.

Again... feel disapointed with my computing's result. although it was not tat bad but i dun reali feel satisfied.

But I deserved for it coz i dun reali attention to wat Mr Naj was talking about. haha

v were fooling around~~~hehe

Jying took my glasses...

U definitely can't imagine tat tis little granny was a president in x club, vice president for librarian, treasurer in x club, secretary in x club, Captein in cheerleading, and she is learning Latin dance now... Omg...==

I was so exhausted. N I slept from 6pm until the next day. it's 12 hours!!!



I wasn't tat please to leave my lukewarm and super comfy bed... argh... But anyway, I hv to ...

learned 3 examples of dun judge a book by its cover today~
1st, I nvr expect him to speak Chinese.
2nd, I nvr expect another him to smoke.
3rd, I nvr expect her to gt tat marks.

then, presentation again. omg. plz la... I dun reali 1 2 face anymore presentation...

my 2 presentations. both of them were suck man.........

U noe, she took back her words. Last time said cannot use tis point blah blah blah n now, everybody used and she was like ok ok ok .

She confronted wif us like hell man!!! omg! U r marking depend on ur opinion.

Group quiz.zzz I prefer a personal quiz tat i'll juz hv to study myself... -- U juz simply go through all the stupid history things...== I dun even noe wat u have taught so far==


Tat another fussy lecturer was arguing wif another students. So was I when I present but it was of no use... By the way, wat r u looking Maggie? haha

Guess wat? She felt funny when she had taken mine n Aaron pic==

And when I was starting to blog juz now. WAT THE FUCK!!!

Did you know what happen to my dearest car??

It was scratched again!!! By stupid kids!!!

It was sosososososo terrible! Gt pensel's sign somemore!!! U noe how hard to rub it off???

Tat's why I dislike kids all the time!!! I was %^#$%^^&%^$%& juz now== I used to b a so obedient kids n nvr vandalise things. N i wondered how their parents would have taught them==

Luckily my mum noticed it and she helped me to rub it off while i juz stood beside><. thx mum^^

haiz.. MID-TERM MID TERM!!! Study!!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nowadays 90% of electronic devices gt retarded or spoilt ezily. So r my com n my phone charger.==

U noe, my presentation is just around the corner n yet my com suddenly can't turn on.

Tat red light went off n the monitor shows ntg. Omg. Why god likes to tease people at the moment of urgency?

No idea. Fine, thx to Irreligion for his effort in repairing my com or better to say, the com suddenly turn on itself== Sosososososososososososososo chemical==

Acid+alkali = salt + water( if i'm mistaken)

My com+ me = not work

My com+ Irreligion = It's working==

Izit bcoz of the owner abuse him very often? Guess so since I like to shift my monitor to watch video.

N I bet tat u'll shock to c how complicated r my cables, wires n etc in my room. So messy...XD

HELP! Having Tsunami here== somemore earthquake(which means my mid-term is coming soon).

Omg! Not yet study oso. I din even touch my notes.

It's freaking hard for me to memorise all the stupid com's stuff.

I din even know what for v learn it since v know how to use it instead of doing all the exercise in the book.==

But it's ok oso la... Since i do learn things at I reali nvr touch before like powerpoint. In short, I;m a noobie~~~

Fortunately. thought the pop quiz will be 'popped' out yesterday. But luckily Miss Chandra forgot to photocopy it.

Thought I'm sososososososo opportune not to have the quiz yesterday coz I didn't study for it at all. Bcoz it's not in the Mode of assessment~

Fine, thought I'll have finished reading it by today. But I slept.

Fuyoh... 8pm-9.30am. I slept for 13 hours n 30 minutes. But I didn't late for class.~

Oh ya, finally, our groups, Amanda, Nirai and I, finished our project! Hooray.. sounds old....~~~Anyhow... Thx to them so much... It's lucky to have diligent members.

N I noticed something yesterday~

Woah. It's 2222km. IT'S 2222KM. I have drived for 2222km. wahlao... I took tis pic when I was waiting for the traffic jam....

Accidentally bumped into Lai Peng today. She said Shu Pei is going to Bangsar there to study nursing and a farewell party will b organised n asked me to go.

I was wondering tat time. Bangsar? isn't it the place where I am going every morning??

Farewell? It seems to be like a reunion party for me. N I guess she is going to Mahsa.

But she is going to stay in the hostel there. So, it makes sense la, haha.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

What does Richie stand for?

evrybody gt their different eye view for sure. but from my perception

Richie is rich of course.

Richie can be gracious.

Richie can be amusing.

Richie can be striking or gorgeous.

Richie not suppose to be haughty but it may toooooo...lolz...

Anyway, I hate smoking richie... N it's true tat u can;t judge a book by its cover.

Seriously, I hv nvr imagine before tat they r smokers...==..xd. But anyway, v r not naive kids anymore.

It's ur right to smoke but pls dun let me sense tat ghastly 'aroma'...zz Did you noe tat it was a tall task for me to take a short breath beside u?

Anyway, there's an advise for u even I know u won't know


I'm anti SMOKERS!!!


Quizzes were coming simultaneously and I found tat I was not tat diligent when i was in form 5 struggling for my spm...

Anyway, gt my english quiz paper today. Eventhough i was not the highest, I managed to gt close to highest

( Reali? seems to b like u still hv a long distance to go through huh.) == 31/40.

highest 35/40.(tat 2 damn strong la) wahlao.==

At the same time, wondering how much did annoying guy n thick make up gal gt. haha

Then hv to stay at lab for a long time to discuss the computing project. But v juz used up 10 minutes to settle everything. == Have to go back to HELP again to finish it eventhough i dun hv class...

After tat continued to play games in Facebook wif B voon and Aaron. Tat 2 fellows were gtting so addictive with rc n others game==.

Finally, my math quiz came== lolz 3 questions only n yet I studied so hard for it. N v promised each other not to check the answer after finished the quiz.

But, Aaron took back his word. So m I after he did so. ~ N yet he found tat he wrong damn a lot(dun reali noe whether it's true o not) hehe

Juz now helped Wei Ping to do her club stuff.

N now oni I know tat every Tarc students r forced to join a club.

Wat the.

Her club is Community Service Clubs aiks, dun reali noe the actual name. wateva

kinda ridiculous la. have to folo everything they said n they'll scold u if u didn't do things properly==

Bullshit. I swear tat i'll nvr enter club like tat. Somemore if u didn;t join any club, u can't graduate== wat the.

Shall I b grateful coz it's not compulsory to join club for me?

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Phew... Today I was late again for Miss Selena Class. However, the class's venue changed and fortunately, I saw Miss Selena was chatting wif someone outside then it dawned upon me tat our class's venue changed so i had a quite perfect excuse to late.

After tat, when I was in English class, Miss Chandra said the highest for English quiz is 35...==

Guess I'll not be the 1 as there r a lot of high fliers in my class...

Before i gt home, went to buy eye drop for my injured eye in the pharmacy near Miss Evon's house there. Tat seller quite arrogant. duno la. I did feel so...

Thought today will be a lucky day for me as I didn't late for the class. But it wasn't. Received a letter from 2 organizations which were HELP n Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

From HELP:

So tricky... Directly sent to our parents without noticing us. Fine. Ntg to scare for n I bet my dad n mum will ever nvr go there. They prefered to stay in house watching the TV drama rather than going out. So m i...--

From Kementerian Pelajaran and this was the main reason that I was moody for the whole day.

1225 stands for Moral while 6351 stands for BC. I requested before to remark my SPM 2 subjects.

and the answer they gave me was

KEPUTUSAN ANDA KEKAL SAMA... Wat the fuck???!!!

I remembered vividly that my Moral scored the 2nd highest in the whole skul for Diagnostik. N yet this doesn't show that u'll gt an A in ur spm.

BC pulak I dun mind. My BC wasn't tat gud. Just to try for fun n see whether can tembak an A or not.

Wat the fuck. My RM2k/7k and my RM100 as well... GONE!!!

Fine. I won't die for gtting B's... Juz feel kinda unsatisfied coz someone who is much more weaker than me can gt an A when he was requested for certain subject while I couldn't.

To you markers: I'll forgive you stupid fellows for duno how to appreciate my essay and simply gv me a B....lolz

ARGH!!! What I have been waiting so far was actually a rubbish letter!

Waste my 2 months time for waiting. damn you.

Well, it's a wise decision ever that I choose to enter a private college rather than enrolling myself into Government skul.

Anyway, it passed.Perhaps, my expectation was too high.

Studying... Mid-term is just around the corner==

Trying to force myself to fall in love with memorising........Xd. Studying in a competitive environment will definitely push u to a higher level... Maybe lah. haha
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I dun reali feel resembling in Monday's class. Mm, Bi, Com n silly Malaysian studies class.

Today I was having my 1st English quiz. lolz. I did my studies at 1am yesterday night. juz little things to study...

Ez? duno. Tough? duno. Moderate? Guess so...

predict to gt 3x/40 lah if possible~

Then my weekly tedious class start again... I was so sorry to Mr Siva as I dun reali pay attention to what he was talking about but juz did my own stuff......==

Finally... Malaysian Studies class... xd. I was the laziest member. In fact, they didn;t deliver the news properly to me. Fine.

Brainless human being said this to me:' Aiyo, asked you to write means asked you to type loh.'

I was totally

speechless... I'm sorry, i dun reali understand ur high level language. n if i did anything tat annoy you, I'M SORRY!!! ==

After went home, helped Miss Evon to do her quiz. omg. == wat a vast challenge for me to do acturies's algebra... It was so hard for me to do the question; nonetheless, I did a few of them~ muahahahahaha~

1 more thing tat troubled me the whole day... My eyes. I wore con to HELP. But when i arrived, my eyes started to feel pain like needles piercing my eyeball...

I tolerated wif it until I went home n I took pic of my injured eyeball...

Looks sordid rite?Gosh! Wat am i supposed to do now??? Guess I'll hv to go to Pharmacy tomorrow. My eyeball now juz like rusted iron--
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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Orientation night==

I dun reali feel enjoyable when i was in orientation night. Y? It ain't fun at all! Luckily miss evon accompanied me to go. If not, guess i'll b bored to death...

It was
= Damn hot

=fool by people in some silly games

there r boring performances too

Anyway, I was trying to make myself gt into it also~

Carmen and I.

After finished(not to say finish as v manage to escape ourself from it) my orientation night, v continued our next round wif Pui Teng in 'Pao Bing' and 1 kopitiam(dun reali noe the name).

Then helped Pui Teng 2 finish her hw... T.T

I was awakened by the printer's technician.

YeAH~ Finally my printer+scanner arrived.

Canon PIXMA MP145

Evening~ started to shop crazily~ our hunting venue today was IKANO - Padini shop~lolz

Omg!stuffs inside there were cheap.Most of the clothes were discount up to 50-70%. I did bought a lot of customs~

Pink Padini shirt worth RM29

Black Padini shirt worth RM29.

Padini Jacket worth RM54.50
Long sleeves shirt worth RM32.70

Long sleeves shirt worth RM32.70

Long sleeves shirt worth RM32.70. Took a photo while I was changing into tis pink shirt~

After tat v guys were going to a new cafe which named Honeymoon. Comment: not tat bad but not tat nice also.

Also, we meet somebody who reali uneducated before. nvm. God may bless him~ My mood was reali good, for gting a lot of nice stuffs~

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Or wat

A man comes to his doctor and tells him that his wife hasn’t had sex with him for 6 months. The doctor tells the man to bring his wife in so he can talk to her. So the wife comes into the doctors office and the doc asks her what’s wrong, and why doesn’t she want to have sex with her husband anymore.

The wife tells him, “For the past 6 months, every morning I take a cab to work. I don’t have any money so the cab driver asks me, ‘So are you going to pay today or what?’ so I take a ‘or what’. When I get to work I’m late so the boss asks me, ‘So are we going to write this down in the book or what?’ so I take a ‘or what’.

Back home again I take the cab and again I don’t have any money so the cab driver asks me again, ‘So are you going to pay this time or what?’ so again I take a ‘or what’. So you see doc when I get home I’m all tired out, and I don’t want it any more.”

The doctor thinks for a second and then turns to the wife and says, “So are we going to tell your husband or what?

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Seriously I'm still considering whether want to open a new blog or not nevertheless, fine. I'll juz do it.

First night of this year that I didn't sleep for the whole night.

Gosh. It was unbearably tired.lolz

If Mr Siva allows, I'll burn the notes in front of him.zz A lots of stupid ABC like HDTV, HDD n blah blah blah.

I was like.== WAT THE HECK IS TIS? zz However, there's no point for you to keep on complaining... Juz study it lah dude==

N when I gt 2 Lecturer hall, felt damn stressful. Y? All of them were keep on studying studying n studying n yet I was the only 1 who keep on chatting wif my other friends like Jying n Yuki... Fine, we r not tat gud in study perhaps. haha.

Anyway, I felt the quiz was not tat hard but not tat ez also. but still, i wrong some questions that i studied before. lolz. Anticipate to gt 4/5(if possible).

Finally decided to go to the orientation night since Mrs Chandra showed her great effort in encouraging us to go when we were in class. Feel very troublesome in selecting appropriate customs... Argh!

somemore the orientation night like totally different from wat i expected before.

My expectations~
I thought the venue will b in one of the premier hotel~
I thought the customs that v should wear is formal dressing.
I thought we'll hv a romantic dinner with all the friends.

But i was wrong.
Venue: Lower foyer
Customs: what also can as long as u like it==
Dinner: Just buffet which is full of meaty stuff as said by our lecturer. Somemore there's no chair provided but to sit on staircase.

Anyway, Yuki said it will b fun as she went to the orientation night for March intake before. Guess I'm going to whack her into pieces if wat she said is inaccurate. haha.
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