Sunday, September 20, 2009

hv fun in chemistry lab

Had my very first Chemistry lab class on Friday~

And it was fun anyway though the experiment that we carried that day was titration only (maybe because my secondary school was extraordinarily strict till i could not do whatever I wanted to)... hehe .~

let's see pictures~ since I'm so lazy to type~

Obviously our products failed==

so redo...-

kinda careful n serious leh heh??? lol

and this is Kar Chun, a super hardworking and smart guy.

Tada, finally we got our right product. And the center is the best product~(made by ccj)
Wonder why our product will become like this? check this video out~

that's all.~
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a late post because I have to wait for Jun to send me the photo.

Well, actually I went to the KLCC by myself to meet my NS buddies - Jun from Sabah n Andrew, from KL of course.

PS: I was late tat day due to a massive traffic jam and i was miserably stuck in it ......

It's has been a long time i didn't see them. Just chat via msn sometimes.

This photo is kinda blur. Because v took it behind a pretty thick glass. Let's see a crystal clearer one.

shit=== I'm still the fattest.....--zzz both of them thin like hell...zzzzzz

Andrew's(middle) hair grows longer n it definitely looks more decent compare to last time oh yeah,.and he's still tat tall like pillar......

Whereas Jun(right)... eh people, u still remain the same la-- with bald head n nerdy spec..... lolz~ I have no idea why for his school form 6 everybody has to botak their head...

Look at our previous photo in NS...

3 of us were so dark like a charcoal tat time--
U might feel weird why am I holding so many cups in the photo... It's actually the cups of all my team members... since I was so lazy to do the forced-to-die exercises so i pretended to be sick n helped them to carry their stuffs--...==

eh dude, where r u looking? O.O I was so ugly tat time=-=========== but now also ugly la...-- fine..

That's the end of today~ any big change? lol. anyhow, thanks for viewing.~
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This post is going to be quite emo. so do click X if u really can't bear with it.


I realized tat staying in science class isn't tat stressful--

just because of a freakdo who kept asking question as if he's smart...

I'm fed up with that annoying guy--

As usual, he used to ask question in an indecent way without knowing people scolding 'fuck you' behind there...

and today he sneezed like the roaring thunder like nobody's business. earthquake might happen if he were to increase the volume--==

everyone was trying to control themselves not to laugh--

He's such a great disturbance in my class-- Distraction doesn't suit him that much--

and kept asking noobish ques zzz

argh-- next semester I'll have to meet him again...

what to do?

Pray hard so tat he'll fail his physics? lol. so evil-minded--


You know when I was paying my fees that time, that old bitch that no man will ever fuck her keyed in my fees wrongly--

so nevermind lo, i asked her to combine the 2 resits together since I need to give the resits to my mum for other purposes.

(because the 1st resit she gave was wrong, and the second resit she gave was the amount left that I should pay)

Then u know what she said??

This has nothing to do with me. It's the registry problem to give you such resits--

she claimed tat it wasn't her fault...!!!


This is not my fault! What a truly good reason.

So does tat mean that next time if I'm going to pay my fees I can purposely give u a fake cheque and when it comes to the time you guys know it I can just say that it isn't my fault?

wish i could do so==


I met not only bitch but an old fucker too--

today when I was going home that time, there's a driver who wanted to turn right.

So I have the right to go across that car by left side rite?

then that old fucker that no woman or even prostitute will let him fuck horned me--

and he chased me with his motor!

so 'samseng'...zzz

then he stared at me!!!

and that time i didn't really know where I gained my courage to glare back at him . walao--

then when I was going to turn tat time, i put my signal on and he showed his middle finger to me!!!

walao. wtf you old fucktard!!!

keep your finger off or else I'll curse u .

and tat was what I did after I reached home. ==

and again, i hope to get out from this 'primitive' place forever and away from these samseng.

There was a TV show reported my 'kampung' before.

and people inside said that I WON'T leave here because people here are full of tenderness and treat others humanely...

FUCK OFF LA== stop bluffing rubbish there!

They were by no means humble n friendly!

people here hold these few rules as their philosophies.



and samseng will take over police's job to patrol around.--

I'll leave here if there's chance.

blah... finally finished my emo post--
PS: Not tat emo i guess-
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a stressful 2nd sem

well, ppl...

2nd sem, it's not reali tat ez as u expected.

Worst comes to worst if u'r doing science...==

in contrast, UCSI's sc students r like quite free huh-- ewwwwwwwwwww.--

But, wat u pay is what you gt~ tagged from Maggie (she used tat to describe Tarc actuali).

Advance English:

My lecturer is an Indian man n his name is Mr D... Which means Dhanesh if i'm not mistaken wit spiky hair n Pakistan's nation outlook, haha.

He's the Intermediate English lecturer for previous march intake students.

n my class is made up of 80%++ of March intake student! lmao

so it's like having a mini party rather than having a class since they ald flirted up wif the lecturer well...

n it's more like an Indian class coz there's oni a few Chinese--

PS: Not reali like them coz they were freaking noisy n somewhat annoying --

Kinda sad coz Mrs Chandra doesn't teach us.... *sob*

She's a bit sarcastic, but her sarcasm nvr fail to bring out humour.

Seriously, i'm not tat reali care abt the grade i gt for English coz it's more important to gt up wif new stuffs tat u nvr approach b4 rather than begging the teacher n asking for marks miserably.

Before we left, we were asked to write an essay entitle:' How the nation's history change the way you see yourself... in 200 words'

wth is tis?

Since it will not b counted into the mode of assessment so juz simply crapped everything inside n my overal essay is less than 130 words--


Critical Thinking Skill:

80%++ ppl were saying tat i'm very fortunate to get Miss Sharmila as my lecturer.

Not bcoz she can teach n guide us well, but she's kinda lenient in giving marks==

I dun reali know what's the purpose v have to study tis sub-- since i'm not going to take Psychology.

ppl: aiyo, learn for ur own sake ma. Hu knows tat it'll b helpful when it comes to the time tat u hv to deal wif some massive problems?

I: ahahahahahahahaha..-- gt problems oso u'll nvr think of tis--

n she likes to crap out lame jokes n laughs all the way by herself... wat v so called egocentrism, n tis was wat she taught me today...--

C how gud am I in applying wat I had learned in my life~ *self-boasting*

Anyhow, she's friendly n not tat strict as others lecturer. u noe hu i mean. ahahaha


Physics I:
Well, as expected, mr lecturer is Mr Naj, a hilarious lecturer who'll tell u the ans as if he's sprinting wif his mouth... haha

No doubt, science wasn't reali tat ez --

I abandoned my sc for such a bloody long time n now there's not even 1 thing tat i can recall vividly...--

I was isolated during the Physics class--

Ppl were discussing the topic aggresively n uncle CJ was staring at them as if he's from kampung n nvr c human being b4--

Tis is the ever 1st time i felt so stress out==

n u definitely can't imagine what i was doing after the class.=-=

I went home n dug out all my yellowish 'Ham Choi' notes for physics n chemistry n read it--

Some more others science students reali damn smart...

Fine, they're the smart 1 but i'm not..=-=

All spm 9As++ for the ppl I know so far==

guess i'll b super radical gag soon...

But it's gud oso la, coz stress is a motivation for u to go forward-- as said by many ppl.

Dislike tat freakdo who kept on asking question as if he's smart n can study diligently n sensitively==

Blah... Fine la. I'm stupid then--== gt to work hard so tat i can gt in their world==


The funny thing abt tis isn't the student but lecturer...

He's a foreigner, which v called 'Angmo' from New Zealand...

U reali gt 2 open ur ears n listen carefully=--=

When I was in his class for the 1st time, it's freaking hard for me to understand what he's talking abt--

here's a list of words tat he pronounced:

School = Shoe

Lecture = Lecsher

don't know = dong no

class = kuass

n the list goes on==

the students r more or less the same ...

Intellectual group...-==-


a pro procrastinators perhaps~

i gt to put in 1k% of efforts by no means==


Had a breakfast today wif Maggie, Camy, Lily n Aaron.

lol. n oni it dawned upon me tat omost all the sub textbook is updated... which means v gt 2 vomit out $$ again.

n what they so called updated is actually changing a few words in textbook n earn profit from v under-privilleged students--

some more gt to buy lab coat...

How??? I'm reali out of $$.

ppl: Puasa lo==
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd sem

Hi people, my holiday finally announced it has expired.

and my hustle n bustle second semester will start tomorrow.


Seriously, friend does mean a necessary element in our parts of lives==

I have to undergo this semester with no friends but anonymous or better to be called as 'strangers' who MAYBE will become my fren.==

and guess I'll b bored to max for this semester as I'll just have to study in the following class only.....

Have to purposely take the shuttle bus to block kpd science lab some more...--


My second semester

people: eh, second semester very tough to pass through one.

got so dreaded of hearing this for million times... haha

Anyway, second semester, I'm coming~
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