Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, apparently I'm going to complain AGAIN.--

I don't know why am I so 'lucky' in these sorts of camping thingies.

When I was in form 5, I was praying not to get into NS but 'THANK GOD' it didn't work.

Then again, I prayed so that I can get to the nearest place. But I was the one who was being sent to the furthest place. =-=

And for this 'leadershit' camp, after weeks and weeks of worrying, eventually I know where am I going and I don't really look forward to it.

For your information, I'll be going to Gopeng. =-=

Yeah, most of them said Gopeng is the best among the two places.

You can have water rafting, and something like jungle trekking in Gua Tempurung and actually I had been to Gua Tempurung before.

Nevertheless it was truly a traumatic experience for me as the river water there was flowing very rapid and so, my 'zap ba lang' slipper that I bought from don't-know-where was worn out and ended up washing away by water. --

Fine, my teacher then lent me a NEW slipper. *Oh, I was supposed to pay her for that new slipper but afterward I forgot. omg*

Very fortunately, same thing came again=-=.

So I had to walk with bare foot. =-=

I nearly fall down for a few times because it was too slippery and I had drenched my whole attire. *I think I did fell down for 1-3 times perhaps*

I guess both pairs of slippers are now stuck somewhere in the middle or underneath the boulders and rocks.

So maybe I can 'meet' them again? LOL Guess they're now grown with plankton all over their bodies. yucks

Well, for water rafting, frankly speaking, I have never tried that before.

Hopefully I won't fell into the river and then................................................................................(you know la)

And I don't know why am I going with a bunch of March intake students instead of May intake students. --

Life's just so unfair. But that's life isn't it?

Besides, they are kinda biased. =-=

Just have a look at it:


NOMAD ADVENTURE EARTH CAMP, GOPENG (adventure some more) ==
- Student ID Card (compulsory)
- Comfortable clothing for activities (t-shirts & shorts / track pants during the day)
- Sports shoes are compulsory for all land activities. No open toe sandals are allowed
for your safety.
- For water activity, we recommend for all to wear either sport shoe or strappy sandal
(eg. Teva sandals). NO FLIP-FLOPS, NO CROCS!
- Insect / mosquito repellant
- Strong torch lights and spare batteries
- Personal medication and toiletries
- Towel
Optional items
- Hat / cap
- Raincoat (the best way to keep warm & dry if it’s raining)
- Water bottle
- Tidbits
- Sleeping Bag & Foam Mat. Bring along some pillows for more comfort.

- Student ID Card (compulsory)
- Comfortable clothing for activities (t-shirts & shorts / track pants during the day)
- Outdoor/sport attire (with a pair of reliable sneakers)
- Personal medication and toiletries
- Extra clothing if it’s rainy season
- Towel
Optional items
- Hat / cap
- Raincoat (the best way to keep warm & dry if it’s raining)
- Water bottle
- Tidbits

You can see how biased they are from the appliances needed. =-=

Undoubtedly Gopeng's one would be very fun while Alor Gajah's one is just like staying in a hotel and spend your whole day in a way JUST LIKE THAT LO. *I prefer that anyhow*

Fine, Gopeng then Gopeng LO--


Quizzes are coming....--

I had my Chemistry quiz today.

Physics and calculus quizzes will be the next. omg. I seriously have no idea of what the lecturers were teaching when I was in class. Got to catch up. T.T omg

That's all~ bye folks. ~
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wow. I have abandoned my blog for almost 1 week I think. lol

Eventually I get used to my timetable--

Especially after every Wednesday and Friday class you'll probably see my tapao-ing Mc-D fries. woot. nice =)

Also, you'll notice one thing and that is, I start to sleep damn early right now.

I'm fine with the subjects now. Just that there are too many reports to be done and seriously, calculus class does bore me to death. *yawn yawn @.@*

I don't have any friends inside the class and I do keep quiet all the time. =.=

When I was out from the class last Wednesday and met 'I LOVE YOU' and Shyuan Mey, walao, I felt so happy suddenly.

Perhaps I can start to talk non-stop and spread my 'sampatness' again? lol

Anyway, indeed there will be some annoyances in the class who kept making funny jokes but in fact a lame gag for me -- .

Folks were laughing but I didn't because I didn't really know what's so funny about it.

Moreover, my calculus lecturer sees interaction with him as a fundamental and he's going to organize an ice-breaking session so that we students can interact not only with him but with others as well next class which is tomorrow. yucks--

Still, I'm going to be passive. -- I have no mood laughing or being enthusiastic in calculus class. =-=

I really hope that I can end this semester as fast as possible. --
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fine, I shall stop knocking around with BABI anymore so that my timetable wouldn't get deteriorate. --

Just for your information, this is my timetable for this semester.

Mon: 2-4

Tuesday: 8-10, 12-2, 2-3.30

Wednesday: 11-12.30

Thursday: 8-10, 11-12.30, 3.30-5

Friday: 11-12.30

As you can see, for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'm having only one class and the worst thing is, my mum won't be available at that time to wake me up.

Even for today's class, I was almost late... hmm. To be actual, yes, I was late--

That's for today. ==
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Friday, January 8, 2010


You ridiculous admin always do ridiculous job, don't you?

Firstly you asked me to convince the lecturer so that he can change the time.

and yes, I tried and it was success.

and what sorts of rubbish excuses you gave me just now?

Told me that I can't change my group, because another group is full?

Helo, before that the that group was already clashing with my other subject , so how can I select that group??

Now I'm wondering what's the point for me to convince the lecturer and students???

Were you perfunctory? or taking me as a fool?

I'm not that fussy, I just need a way to solve my problem.

And after I did so you fucker and bitch said that it wouldn't make a change?

How absurd you all are!

I'd rather like you to tell me that my time coudln't be changed at all.

But now???

When Mr Naj sent me a message telling me that he had changed the time and told admin about this, I was so so so glad and relief.

But it came to a great great disappointment and I never expected it to happen.

and whenever I go to admin office there, you lazy fucker and bitch will always sit there and listen to our problems.

and after we tell you our problems and again, you brainless fucker and bitch can't get it and come to the desk and ask us to repeat again.

So why don't you come straight away to the desk and listen, you scare you'll get heart-attack is it? Because you're walking too much???

If so, I really hope you two will get it asap. You rubbish are not worth living on earth.

And we students are telling problems there but not barking!

I have my self-respect!

and what for I paid so much administration fees?



Regret coming to HELP!

I feel like I'm a loser now....
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tell you now, I was kinda pissed off with tat stupid admin office!

I planned to take Moral and my compulsory subject subject- calculus for this semester.

bim bim bomb bomb bang bang!!!

My timetable is now having a critical 'accident' whereby calculus and Moral are clashing with each other including my Chemistry and Physics!

and guess what?

I went to admin office today and thought they can genuinely settle down the timetable dilemma-- for me=-=

but then they asked me not to take Moral for this semester and take it during degree year 1.

what the hell!

I have plenty of time right now yet I can't spend my time wisely--

and they told me an 'awesome' solution and that is, try to convince the lecturer and students in calculus class.

Holy shit!

Ask your brainless mind sincerely, do you think it's possible to sort out the problem like this? Oh ya, you brainless one ma, how can you deliberate?

Convince??? Ass hole la you!

Helo, I'm here paying to study but not being a promoter or sales to convince someone!

Some more my timetable now. Not to include Moral, I'm having class from Monday to Friday.

For Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'll be having 1 class only.

WTF! --

Anyway, I left there and took a bus to KPD to continue the lab session.

But then *blink*.

Maybe I can try to convince Physics lecturer and 6/7 students in that class? LOL

And yes, thank you very much to you guys and Mr Naj, though the request is still in the pending progress but I seriously appreciated your HELP so much. At least you did HELP me........T.T

and a thousands time of sorry to all my physics classmate.......... T.T

Anyhow, if the request is approved, I can take moral and calculus a for this semester....

PRAY HARD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok, come back to my class for today.

I had Chemistry, Physics and supposed to have moral but then calculus.

For Chemistry, quite okay la.

Just that her english was walaoweh funny.

Her English too Indian already. LOL

Random = landom

Increases = increacious

Will observe more about this during her class later~ LOL

For Physics, okay lo. As usual. Nothing much was changed.

For Calculus. aiks. I abandoned my maths for few months already.

There seemed to be so many smart asses in calculus class. LOL

But I'm the lame ass la indeed. haha.

and then introduce ourselves lo as usual.

My name is Cj, from Kepong and like cooking and reading-- Can't crap my hobby out. Takkan I say farming at happy farm or playing restaurant city? LOL

N my calculus lecturer, Mr Joel kept saying that he'd like the class to be fun, not quiet blah blah.....


Anyway, still, I think I better keep quiet for the whole calculus class. ~ =-=
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