Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey folks!!! I'm proud to say that


Oh well, it isn't something to be damn proud of since everybody gets a chance to study bachelor. LOL. K la, I'm think I'm the most HIGH one.

Perhaps it's because I have been worrying about it for a long time and eventually I can get it done.

I'm supposed to start my class today (I'm now blogging at midnight), but since they can't process something for me in just one day so I decided to go there on Wednesday.

It's a totally DIFFERENT environment from HELP. By the way, I'm going UCSI.

I did a test today and it showed that I had used up 30 minutes going home. *It was raining and jamming. 5pm*

So I think it should be okay since the worst condition already turned out.

NO MORE PLAY PLAY during degree. I really regret for fooling my foundation. Some facts might have changed if I didn't fool around.

I'm now kinda nervous because I have missed quite a lot of lectures, due to the LOW working efficiency of the officers at HELP--.

Me:'When can I get the transcript?'
Officer:'Next week.'

Plus, they didn't ask me to take the letter of completion since I had already said "I'm transferring to other college.''

Me:'When can I get the letter of completion?'
Officer:'Next week.'
Me:'what the??'

I went to HELP today.

Me:'Can I get my letter of completion?'
Officer:'Oh, wait.'

......Waited for 15 minutes...

Then only they printed it out. -- It is just a simple letter that they can get it done very fast. --




WELCOME UCSI. (I think I'll insult it once I get to know it deeper. LOL)

I shall enjoy my day to the fullest since it's already the last day to be free.

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