Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hmmm, let's go back to last Saturday~

Halloween night I think? whatever~

Had a bbq party at someone's house, ya tat day was tat someone's birthday--

and lots of anonymous"es" too~

and oh ya, tat King's confectionery cake .....grrrrr

Eh, when someone buys a cake rite, aren't the cake seller supposed to use the red red thingy n write sth like HAPPY BIRTHDAY blah blah on the cake?

but they forgot to do so. So did we--

So, wad to do?

Well, we tried to use butter and draw something funny on the card. But failed.
We tried to use the cooked sticky glue to draw something on the card. But failed.
We tried to use the bbq sauce to draw something on the card. But failed.
We tried to use the milo powder to draw something on the card. But failed.

So, last 'weapon'...==

Guess what's tat white white thingy?

Well, it's LIQUID PAPER!!!

LOL! Can't imagine rite? Oh ya, those red colour letters were written using marker pen~

and that HOW R U TODAY== Not my idea==

and now let's move to the back part of it~

If I'm not mistaken for sure you are wondering what the hell is tat brown colour "shit" rite?

it was MILO POWDER + few drops of water--

and that wrapping paper is polyethylene, which we used to wrap the food so that it won't be oxidized by air~ .==

Final product~


Along with the cake~
Nice huh?~ anyway, the lamest art work by me--

BTW, doggie~
it's somewhat cute~

and bbq chicken wings~

Okay, yesterday, was a super duper 'lucky' day for me~


Kena toto or lotery oso not as many as THIS!!!!


What the fcuk??? Again... I shouted... but nobody heard--

Busy cleaning all the shits with my bottle of water and tissue --

The digestive and excretion system of the bird at HELP damn strong lo--

Suspecting whether the shits came from the same bird==

Some more the shits were damn hard to clean. Y? Because it became solid form already! and luckily the front part( white colour) was still in liquid form. Meaning to say it was FRESHLY DROPPED--

I had a chance to go out earlier -- because my lecturer let us to leave earlier.

But shit-- still, i had to clean all these shits and ended up jamming at parking there...

zzzzzzzz Sei bird!== U thought I wanted to park your 'parking' so much ah!!!== If there got another parking I bird you also not free! =-=

oh wait wait~ add on~

For ALL students of FDCTS001:
QUIZ 2 will be held on 18th NOVEMBER 2009 [WEDNESDAY] at WISMA HELP
TIME: 5.30-6.30PM [1 hour]
Level 4: LH 4.1/ 4.2/ 4.3/ 4.4/ 4.5 and 4.6
Level 4: SR 4.1/ 4.2/ 4.3 and 4.4
Level 6: LT 6.3

Again, wtf! I shouted . but nobody heard--

Juz quiz only ma. what for they asked us to go there???? If it's final or mid-term then different story la--
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 5.30-6.30pm some more.== eh, it's the best time for me to have a nap...--


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