Friday, November 20, 2009

Paiseh paiseh. I know it has been a long time I didn't update my blog~ sorry peeps~( Polan favorite word as if people really so engage in her. haha)

Right, once upon a time, I went to have a desert buffet with my PBSM gang.

Luckily I wasn't the driver because we did strive hard to reach that restaurant that nobody went bef0re.

And by the time we got there it was already 9.45pm..... Worst came to worst when the waiter told us that we were left with another 30 minutes only to pick our food in the buffet.

Food that was served there frankly, speaking , it's NOT really that luxurious and delicious as I heard from the hearsay. See! I'm falling into the fallacy of ....... hmm. Don't know la.==

And the fee per person was quite pricey and seriously NOT WORTH FOR IT.==

Why? We went there late. Everything was almost finished. What left was only the desert like cake, tart and pudding.

Yeah, sounds nice but in fact it wasn't. The sponge cake was even harder than my house's sponge and pudding was tasteless... Tart was ok but it tasted weird with grapes.....

And lastly,~HAPPY FAMILY~ wee~

Then it came to Monday. Have a look at the picture down here and try to figure out who he is. Don't know? Ask me then..-- It's a kind of respectfulness not to reveal his name.

I was so surprised to see somebody dozing off on the floor. If he were to snore and drool. Walao. I'll definitely laugh like hell! haha

This Wednesday I had my physics and cts quiz. Both also ok ok lur-I think......-- My mind was messed up with the CTS diagram part.... And the lion's share of the total part goes to the diagram section. zz==

For me, what can be read is not hard to score but what you have to think and answer and yet you can't study for it is the hardest.--

And well, I was the latest student in the class. 0.0 But fortunately my lecturer in that class gave me time to think about the answer. But still, I think I'll screw that part... zz

It was kinda late that day. 7.15pm only I came back from there because of massive jamming and rain.

My screen blurred till I can't really see the front view properly. >.< -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My bulu was growing too fast in the past few MONTHS I guess. :) Anyhow, I have no idea why do I look like an uncle when my bulu is long. Some more it is very hard to style my bulu... So, again. I cut my bulu. Before~ Seriously so uncle-ish leh? LOL


And this one with no doubt looks younger...

I think I look better with short bulu. Don't you think so? LOL~ :P But many fela-s said that no difference pun--... zz

Next week I'll have 2 presentations and 1 more in the following week.

But I haven't finished my slides--

Besides, I have to hand in my lousy argumentative essay this Saturday, and finish my report for both Chemistry and Physics.

But the best thing is~

Final will come in 2 more weeks.
Chemistry - 7 chapters to study.

CTS - 6 chapters to go off. Quite unfair lo because the the students of a semester before just had to study till chapter 10 whereas we have to study till chapter 12.--

Physics - All lecturers...

Advance English - zzzzz All the grammar stuffs... zz

Die cham cham d-- zz

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