Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi folks~

Yoyoyo what's up? -- blah. lame--

Alright, after a donkey days, I think more than 1 week huh? Fine, I shall update my blog~

Right, astonishingly~ I did an explicit change for the upcoming Chinese New Year. ~


For those of you who don't know, I had dyed my hair which most of the people call me as LALA/Angmo/whatever now... =-=

Dying my hair. I was so anticipated to know how my hair will turn to be.

By the way, I like that turning thingy~ Woot, as if you're an astronomer 'Moonwalking' in the space~(too exaggerate already. LOL)

and nah, here's the result. Don't blame me for doing facial with computer~

Initially I was kind of indulged in my hair color but most of the people were saying that the color is too light.

After all, I was the one who chose this color with the advices from the stylist....

So, there's no point to cry over split milk~ Well, it looks fresh for me anyway~



Wee. I had gone to 1Utama for don't how many times, Midvalley for 1 time, Jusco those......infinity. ~

and so yeah~ My pride and joy~~~~

wee. ^^



Right, dad and mum had decided to renovate my room. and woot~

Here's the result~

Still, it looks kinda messy for me. Thank you Dad and Mum. I put Dad first because he did these all by himself. OMG.

Oh ya, look at the white portion between the table and the closet, it's actually whiteboard! omg. I wonder where did my dad get this.

I think I'll be using it if I'm going to teach tuition.

That's all for today. Will update more~ (If Free la)~ See, I'm such a dedicated blogger cause I left my works undone just to 'quench your thirst'(from happy farm) ~


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