Friday, March 19, 2010

~~~~ Just a random post to ‘LIVE' this dead blog.

Apparently, there's nothing special for this week.

I had done my chemistry project for experiment part. Now got to rush for REPORT... again -.- Crap..................

The project for Chemistry II wasn't really that complicated and troublesome as Chemistry I as we were given only two weeks to settle all the stuffs whereas more than one month for Chemistry I.

Oh well, AGAIN, I nearly burnt the whole Chemistry lab as I turned the wrong gas provider when the fire went out. LOL.

I looked rattling awkward and clumsy that time. Fortunately I didn't break the thermometer or else I would have to pay for another RM24...-.-

Had my Calculus quiz today. Felt so relief that I didn't late for class as my phone's alarm continued ringing from 8.30am-9.40am without me noticing. -.- and the phone battery status left only 1 more bar . LOL

Basically, it was ok, though I knew I won't be able to score pretty well AGAIN. sigh

Next week pulak I'll be having my Physics and Chemistry quizzes on the same day. @.@ argh...stressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss~~~~~

Okay, now it comes to the complain part.

If you know who you are when you are seeing this, better KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN WIDELY and look at it properly.

At first you memang gave me an impression that you're that type of GIRL who can actually be really funny at times and not really that 'small-gas'. -.-

However, little did I know that declining your request would have resulted in your anger.

Frankly speaking, that sentence that came out from your flirty mouth that day had TOTALLY destroyed your status in me.

I don't wanna mention who she is.

and yes, I'm 'double-faced' weirdo.

I can be really friendly in front of you.

If you were to ask me IS THAT ME?

I'll just answer NO to you. I already tried making this post as abstract as possible so that people couldn't guess you out.

I found myself being really DUMB DUMB-.-

I should have realized it earlier.


Please change your attitude towards people.

People won't endure your behavior just because of who you are but how you are.

Not more than 1 month left and we'll be ending our foundation.

Can you do so? -.-

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