Friday, March 26, 2010

ANe ha sei yo, sei ng sei dak yor people =)

Well, post today has nothing to do with Korean or anything with regards to Korea. LOL

Finally finished my two quizzes for this week. It's kind of unfair but SUAN la.

Next week calculus again. sigh. 3 quizzes for calculus I already BEH TAHAN and people before me had to take 4 quizzes for calculus. OMG

I had a really special opening for calculus class today as someone brought his guitar and Mr Joel asked him to sing a song.

Their singing were ok ~~ But I think I can sing better than them, of course, without guitar :p. LOL! jkjk

Then Mr Joel was ... hmm... forced to play? lol perhaps =) under the PRESSURE OF applause of so many people lol

Oops. spotted by people when I was attempting to picture. LOL

Serious one=)

That's all :)

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