Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry sorry. I have been procrastinating all the time. LOL

Well, this is the sixth week of my uni's (in fact fourth week for me), life is not really extraordinarily hectic. Kinda relaxing for now, even though test is just around the corner. =)

Compared to first week's me, I'm really feeling much more better now. It takes a long time for me to adapt myself to a new environment.

I truly felt like leaving this university at first, due to the super distressed environment.

Can you imagine seeing all the Africans/Pakistan or whatever not Malaysian people sitting everywhere and chatting in "wusasawukaka' those kinds of languages that you absolutely distinguish nothing about it and it dawn upon you that you are actually the only Chinese in that particular row?

Yes, I have to acknowledge that I'm considerably RACIST.

One more thing that I really can't bear with them is their odors.

Please la, use deodorant or rexona-- Do you know that I can really pengsan if I were to sit near to you?

I think the hardest time for me to go on is the lab session.

Lab day 1: I was alone and so fateful to get into a group of Africans for experiment. We were supposed to heat the hydrate to become anhydrate. But then, an African asked me, what is Cu?


It is wholly UNACCEPTABLE for me that people who are studying chemical engineering don't know Cu???!!!!

Seriously, they possess a greater tendency than me to bomb the whole lab.

Lab day 2: We were doing titration and the solution suddenly changed its color. They were like: WOAH!!!!!!!! How did it happen??? MAGIC-----

I guess you guys know how I felt that time right?

Not only that, I know it's unpleasant to say so but they are really S.T.U.P.I.D.

It is not that I'm being arrogant or what, even other Chinese also say the same thing.

Stuffs like alkane, alkene those also they can't comprehend. ABANG, I learned it when I was in form 4 or 5.......

Thus the lecturer keeps on explaining the same thing over and over again to them.

First three weeks of uni was a nightmare. Luckily now I have found some friends, it keeps me away from those stupid odors. LOL

That’s all. Just a short update =)

Stay tune. LOL

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