Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey guys, I just have one interesting story to share with you. Maybe you have already known it, but I just wanna talk about it. It was told by my friend and I found it kinda meaningful.

Once upon a time (lame opening)...

There were abundant of numinous feelings or rather elements living on an island, such as happiness, sadness and etc etc.

One day, the island was going to collapse.

Love stood still on the shore, aspiring someone to save her.

She witnessed Wealth's boat, Happiness's boat, Sadness's boat, Vanity's board.

Wealth said:' This boat is now full of gold, it's inadequate for you to get in. '

Happiness was in cloud nine and didn't notice Love's existence.

Sadness was too depressed and surpassed Love.

Vanity was snobbish and selfish and he was unwilling to take Love together with him.

However, a boat anchored in front of Love, got Love into the boat and set sailed to another secure island.

However, Love had forgotten to ask who he was.

She found Wisdom, and Wisdom said: 'That was Time.'

So, do you get it? =)

PS: I'm not good in story telling...

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