Thursday, July 8, 2010

woot! peeps~~~ I'm back nia~~~ lol

Apparently tons of stuffs happened, but no photo was taken. == Why?

It's because my phone is still under repair. I feel like 'cheong sui' that shop because they have taken my phone for almost 1 phone!! GOSH -- SEI HAK DIM

Guess what? Still, I managed to survive-- with my mum's phone.....

I did call them and ask when can I get back my phone...

They didn't answer....

Tonight gonna go there.... >(


Uni's life has been pretty alright. At least, I didn't get to meet weird people as in HELP. --

I thought I don't have to deal with calculus again when I'm in uni, still..... argh.... I HATE CALCULUS.... HATE MATHS...ZZZ

I wonder who created calculus..... Come on, you're so sinful for bringing so many problems to students. zz

Gonna attend a camp this Saturday. Oh well, it's just a 1 day camp. It holds a total of 30% of total assessment of technical communication subject.

Have to deal with impromptu speech and persuasive speech.... No preparation can be done..... argh.... wish me luck...

and I'm done with moral~~~~ weee~~~~

Thanks to all the dedicated group member for doing a great job and giving me a surprise birthday celebration..... T.T

It's MANGO flavor. TOO BAD Beng and Hanteng don't like it. haha

start from left, tanting ( pro video editor), beng (pro computer and powerpoint designer), michelle (pro leader and teacher. haha), hanteng (pro painter) lol.

I know you can't see my eyes. @.@

Thank you so much guys. haha

and thanks to my 'daughters' too =)

So sorry because no photo....T.T We had a celebration at errr. well, the restaurant's name is HEAVEN but you don't really feel like heaven at all. haha.

But I appreciate that very much because this is the third year you girls celebrating for me though quite a lot of you couldn't make it that day. *gam dong* lol


That's all ~~~

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