Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to my brand new blog! Anyhow, it's not really that new. =.=

Currently, I'm having my long awaited holiday right now but I have no idea what to do.

These are what I do every day:

1. Mapling (Lv 53)

2. Facebooking (surprisingly I do this the least)

3. Twittering (not that frequent either)

4. Watching PPS. Thanks to Miss Evon for introducing Lie to ME. It isn't that bad after all, just that sometimes it might be a bit over exaggerate that Tim Roth, which is the main character in this drama, can genuily comprehend what kind of conspiracy lies under a sinner's mind.

That's sooooo 'not real' and with hundred percent, I can guarantee that it won't happen in reality. I mean, it's alright if you can tell whether a person is lying or not, but it makes no sense if you are able to know how the whole story of that particular person goes just by his/her facial expression. =___=

I know it does not depict on any person or what, but something came across my mind when I saw different kinds of expressions of those politicians and murderers. Oh well, these are undeniably real and I believe that they might have taken some materials from them. Or else they wouldn't have made this drama so successful. LOL

Anyhow, I like how the way he solves a mystery and his outspoken attitude by telling everyone nearby him what the latter is considering, even though I know that it's FAKE.

I have been watching this drama since Sunday, but broken connection just stops this drama's temptation towards me.

<3 Stop reading if you are a mad snowflake lover.

5. We ( Me, Miss Evon, Pet Pet and Miaosssslabiiiiiiiii) went to the legendary snowflake, hot spot whereby teenagers nowadays go, and they claim that this shop has the BEST dessert ever. =.= I was quite surprised to see that it wasn't a shop but looked something like a stand.

Plus, too bad. They had already finished selling their TARO BALLS. The size of one bowl of snowflake was the exactly the same as what the photos show. My first impression towards it was, yucks, it sucks. But now, my latest updated impression towards it is, never ask me to try on how shit tastes again. Come on, though it didn't taste like shit to me but it was freaking near to that level.

No offense, but I think snowflake lovers may ride the fuck on me when they see this. Plus I was so lucky to witness the power of NEVERMELTICE. It only started to melt when we were about to finish it. I took almost one hour to finish this =___=

Perhaps we should try on their TARO BALLS? No idea.

That's all for the update.

Stay Tuned =)

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