Friday, October 16, 2009

It was a shitty week==

yea, SHIT!

Guess what?

I was having some many shitty stuffs along with me.

My car==

okay, I was blocking someone else's car.

and at the same time I was actually having my tedious English class.

So, that people called me and asked me to move my car.

Alright, after I got into the English class for juz a few minutes n it was my very first class on Monday morning, I went out==

As you can see, I ran throughout the whole corridor, because I don't really like people to wait for me.

Right, I saw many cars finding parking there.

So, I CEPAT-CEPAT put the signal to show that THAT'S MY PARKING after that people moved her car.

Then, after she moved her car rite, SHIT!!!

There was an absurd BITCH moved into tat parking.

HEY! IT IS MY PARKING!!!!!!!!!!!

I shouted.

In car.

But, nobody heard==

I stared at her. But she didn't notice it.

Had the urge to go down and confront with her.




It started to rain.


What could I do?==

Found another place to block people's car.==

Meaning to say

I have to purposely come out n move my car again!!!


and I returned to English class with drenched attire n hair== T.T


I was having my Chemistry class.

and Kah Chun reminded me that later we have to go KPD there.

and SHIT!!!!!

I forgot to bring the books that I borrowed last week.... Grrrrrrr...

Thinking whether to go home or not.

sms Miss Evon n asked her what will happen if overdue.

and yeah, you'll b CONVICTED to pay a RM2 for 4 super heavy books==



Right, I was obligated to bring my thumbdrive, because all the lab files were saved inside.

n again


I forgot to bring it.....zzzzzz

We could have finished it if I did bring my thumbdrive.... as we were having 5 hours n 30 minutes break!!!


How can I be forgetful==

and then, went to KPD to return the books and that RM2...

n I sweat a lot.... zzzzzz


Yeah, finally it's my presentation day.

Dressed like an OB==

and looked seriously obese==

personally thought that I have practiced well for this presentation.

In fact, I didn't--

I always have the assumption that I can actually press the sensitive pad on the laptop n the slide will automatically move on.

Right, and so when I was presenting, guess what happened??

The slide wasn't changing!!!

I turned out to be so so so nervous. Stomach was going to burst... Too many butterflies inside==

N the word 'SHIT' accidentally came out from my mouth==

Everybody was laughing==


My presentation sucks==

anyway, the BIG SHIT is coming...

Make sure you sit on the toilet bowl. LOL

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