Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sorry for not blogging for x weeks. ~

but anyway, let's start with a lovely opening~

but it doesn't indicate tat I'm falling in love now-- just took it for fun.

PS: Kinda artistic eh?~

Well, these days, seriously stressed==

everybody got back their quizzes results.

for my physics class, WAT THE HELL

Everybody got full mark!!!

It was terribly unbelievable.................zzzzz

For chemistry, a few people got full marks only I guess.

But everybody got almost full mark==

WAT THE Fxxx==

How am I going to stay in such a drastic competitive class.....

Got to work harder... no, work to the fullest... I guess I will? eh? Don't know..==


Besides, I'm somewhat helpless to my research paper.

Going to talk about disease, but no idea how to do it....


Dragged(Maggie's favourite word) myself to library yesterday and today.

n I did borrow mountains of book...

Just to make it bombastic a bit so I decided to put in my Chemistry and Physics textbook together~

Tell you, you'll definitely mad when you look at the content inside==

Considering whether to change topic or not.

And most importantly~

Hats off to all the HELP's HMC student!

Your mid-term is just around the corner which will be started 2 weeks later.

Great right???

Fed up with my Chemistry book==


Wish my mum could have consumed more healthy stuffs when she was pregnant that time so that I could be smarter. But look fat n dumb anyway--


That's all for today.~

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