Sunday, October 25, 2009

yeah. Mid-term finally finished today, nevertheless, it was ended with an imperfect full-stop.

I personally don't think I did well for my exam.

But, what's done is done rite? It's useless to cry over split milk now.

For cts... hmm. Just crapped out what the lecturer so called rubbish examples n answers--

For physics: It wasn't that hard but I just can't get the answer.Okay la. It's hard-- :)

For Chemistry: No comment

For English: I wonder who set this question paper. Is he/she a genius? == We had to finish the whole paper with 2 comprehensions, 1 summary, 1 essay, 1 cloze passage, and those grammar thingies in just 2 hours time.

I burnt 2 tons of midnight oil for 2 days--

But overall it was okay GUA-- Anyway, tried my best d. That's all==

oh n yeah. I changed my layout. no why. Just feel free to do so-- and this layout resembles my table so much. the only difference is that the hot lemon tea supposes to be coffee on my table~

and I have no idea how to resize my display pic to a bigger size.--

Now it's time to settle that reshit paper==

Due date is next next week.....

CHIONG AH!!!!~~~

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