Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weeee~~ I think I'm supposed to keep this blog alive since I'm having my holiday now, but still, it sounds a bit dead. LOL

Oh well, I had quite a lot of outings with friends after final and consequently I'm having financial crisis now. --

The main outing place was Genting. Just login to facebook to see more. lol

Anyhow, I got few pictures here.

Counting tickets and $$.


speechless. -.-''

I have no idea why they put this kind of hmmm..... decoration huh? lol. Well, for me, it doesn't adorn that particular place at all.

Took it when we were having our dinner.

It was quite fun, despite missing the bus to there, paying extra for cab and vomiting inside the toilet.

Sounds miserable right? lol


When's our result supposed to come out?

Some say 29 while some 30.

Even the book there also stated 30, though it's a bit outdated till the mid-term date also stated wrongly.@.@

@.@ Pray ................. dok do lok dok..........CHIANG ~~~~~~

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