Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meaningful birthday~

Wow. Finally it's 5/7/2009 n I'm 18 rite now.

sososososososo unbelievable!!! (It's ntg to b proud off la--)

Firstly, we went to a restaurant called 'fok yun' near kepong area there.

comment: I was like having a war coz the oil keep on splitting on my hand n we nearly gt facial destruction..== Food available were not tat much. in short, its variety too less.

But, the customer service was quite ok.

Anyway, it would b a miracle if i go there for 2nd time--

Fine~ Our next location was..........

I bet u'll nvr noe.

n it's

Taman Titiwangsa!!! Suggestion from Miss Evon I think...

We langsung duno the actual way to Titiwangsa.

We juz folo our 'feel' n sometimes it brings luck too. (But i irritate Pheoric coz I keep on changing my direction,hehe)

Taman Titiwangsa~ Wat a wonderful place for couple....

I'll bring my gf come here after I graduate from University~^^

It was a adoring atmosphere but v 5 had ruin it off~

We were so noisy. haha

Then, we ate the cake~^^

here's a video~ Pay ur patient to view it off~

Yann n me~she'll always smile wif her tooth 'bling bling' haha

Miss Evon n Miss Shirley~

Last but not theeeeeeeeee least~

Mr Pheoric~

we juz hang around~

Miss Evon n me~

I took it secretly~

lolz. it was too dark--

~ Tq so much guys~ n thx to everyone~

But most importantly, thx to my mum n dad.^^ gt 2 shirts n soft boiled egg as present. haha


Went to 1u yesterday n guess wat???

I saw Gary Yap (host of 8tv)...

He's totally different from wat i have seen for far in tv.

He is so young, n his skin complexion is sooooo unbelievable...

Finally it's worth for me to go 1u tat day~

took some silly pictures~

Nando's worker dropped a french fries~

Hunt ntg but a keychain...~ lolz. Tat keychain was kinda disgusting nia~
but tat's the main reason i like it~

then went for bowling~

the result was so near, though they were not tat high. second round i gt 95 marks~ wow~ J represents me~

Tat's all for today~

Great to announce tat

I'M 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wee~~~~~~~~~~

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