Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well, abandoned this blog for almost 2 weeks. and I guess it'll get rusted if i never update ~ haha

This past fortnight I was busy with quizzes and assignments. Same to the next 2 weeks..--

Just paid a visit to my NS buddy, Bel ( Belvinder Singh) which I used to call him 'ding dong bell' when I was in NS together with my college friends (Shi Wen n Carmen) at Mid Valley.

Now only I realize that Carmen's eyes are so 'gigantic' compared with the one line-looking eyes guys...

2 farney bunnies and 2 serious looking face. This photo is weird --''

This post should have been updated last week but since I was so lazy and I just procrastinate~ hehe

After tat, dying for quizzes, especially Computing Principles.

Lolz. It's such a useless subject for me. What for to know those people who created computer, software and program???

Let the past fade away and look forward to the future la k==

The most important thing is to know how to use M'soft Word, Excel n Powerpoint la--

It's a waste of time for me to know this..==

Fine la. Since I'm going to forget these things after my final( 2 more weeks later!!! omg!!!)

PS: Chill man...

See how focus I am when I'm stuying Computing ???? just pretending la.~

and if I'm having any exam or quiz, i'll gt to have these kinds of snacks n beverages which will help me not to fall asleep~

Nescafe, which is the most important element in burning the midnight oil.

Chips More, which is pack of cookies with 'not many' chips... but it's nice anyway.

Potato chips... I personally like it la. --

And I had to rush for the Study Skill Assignment...-- walao. It took a long time for me to reorganize everything...

Jying( hyperactive cutie) was calling me that time to ask me something about the assignment and complain someone(annoying guy) to me cause he wasn't doing his part ... lol

So pity cutie has to do everything for him. Luckily I'm not in the same group as him...--

Oh ya, before that~ Happy belated birthday to my Malaysian Studies classmate, Maggie~

From left: Aaron, Pauline( which I used to call her POLAN because Jason calls her like that all the time), Cheryl, Joanne, down there: Maggie n Lily.

Where was I tat time? Camera man lur...~

Finally quizzes were over!!! Huuuuray man!!!

But I really beh tahan tat maddening lecturer!!! (skip this if u don't understand.)

He gave me low marks for my assignment because I didn't round off everything to whole number, yet I got all the answer correct. fine==

and when the quiz started, basically I knew how to answer. but for the third ques, I couldn't figure out what's the meaning of yield...--

The sentence was something like this:

Someone invested 800 dollars into bank and it yields 1000 dollars after 5 years. Find out the interest rate.

I was wondering... Yields means becomes or earns??

The equation to solve this prob for sure is I = Prt

I stands for amount of interest, P stands for principal which means the amount of money that you used or saved at the beginning, P = interest rate and t = time( in years)

So, if yields means becomes, it makes sense la. cause, then your amount of interest should be

I = 1000-800
= 200

However, if yields means earns, it would eb too weird la==

I = 1000+800
= 1800

PS: Ellllo, if you invested 800 dollars into a bank adn after 5 years it can help u to earn 1000 dollars. I bet that bank will bankrupt--

So, I used the 1st idea, which yields means becomes.

And I finished the whole quiz.

But.... to confirm yields means becomes, I asked tat lecturer==
And he was so angry to answer me because everybody was asking him the meaning of yields.==

He said, not said but yelled!: ' Yields means produces!!! PRODUCES!!!'

Produces??? lol. means it's not becomes but earns??? fine, then i shall follow the second idea which the amount of interest is 1800 dollars and it dawned upon me that the amount of interest should be 200 dollars after the quiz!!!

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!

wtf. I got the right answer at first, but everything was changed when he said 'PRODUCES!!!!!!!!!'

U know how angry I was that time until I attempted to stab him if i could do so? zzz


Let's have a look at some cool stuffs that I discovered yesterday and just now~

Cool huh? Not my pencil box la of course. someone else's.

It's a disneyland Myvi. wondering how crazy this human being to Mickey Mouse~

Went Jusco with Giap and Alyss to get some stuffs for my presentation 1 week n x days after today.~

Long black pants~

Leather shoes. It looks so 'uncle-ish' doesn't it?

Went MCd to have our supper. Guess I'll get phobia of it cause I eat it more than 2 times every week... so disgusting==

Notice how creative we are to fit in all the chili sauce in some slots since there's inadequate place to put the sauce?

And see how creative I am to make the picture of MCd into a jogathon.

Ther ball is hited... n it is passed to ~

Don't ask me why it changes to be football==

and lastly it is passed to

Bin..........>< funny ="-=" style="color: rgb(255, 153, 0); font-weight: bold;">Juz now viewed someone's FB n found out some moments of glory of mine~ haha

Thinking the ideas to fight agaisnt the opponents. But I don't look serious pun== Like fooling there. haha

Nilam winners... But I look so stupid rite there-- Can't imagine my life in school with short hair n sucks uniform==

K la~ that's all for today~

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  1. Thanks for the birthday celebration^^!!
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