Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Right, before that, happy belated birthday to my best buddy Evon n Pheoric~~~ Both of them were 30/6. cool man~

We were dining in 'blow blow water' restaurant. n v felt extremely excited coz someone is going to bring his galfriend...--

However, we were cheated-- n yet v were sosososososo curious to find out who is she--

Let's hv a look at the photo~ words can't bring any amusement without picture...

Be farney a bit 1st~

2 birthday stars and me~( I didn't comb my hair tat day><)

lol... I'm the fettestttttttttt-- So, dun straight away go to ur bed after u eat...

Tis photo nice rite? Driving at night in 1 of my hobby rite now i guess. haha but not stucking in the highway during midnight. It's so terrible--


See!!! See!!! I eventually twist the stupid rubic cube leh.(eventhough juz 1 face oni) It used up my 30 minutes==


1 more thing!

Dun ever trust wateva information u gt from yahoo/google.

I was so free to make a diy hot chocolate milk.

so i bought a few chocolate candy bars n dump all the chocolate into the cup.

then add a milk.

Insturction given is to put in the microwave for 1 min n 30 s.

n guess wat...

It was a failure. n it looked like the volcano has just exploded -- my 'fantastic' chocolate milk smells so stinky n horrible.=-=

n it takes a real man to wash the sticky cup-- argh..!!


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