Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seriously, I've no idea y i'm so unlucky tis week... lolz

1. Getting low marks
2. Argue wif someone
3. More and more assignments and projects n FINAL exam are coming.
4. feel moody to everything coz...
everything didn't flow well ==

Nothing to do tis few days, juz wanna hv some rest==

I wasn't tat dreaded yet not tat mental seriously retarded oso bcoz of the above things...

moody = tired for me.

Comfy bed will always be my best partner. Guess I'm not the only one wif tis strange habit.

N I found it hard sometimes to compete wif people, n u'll b the 1 hu reveal the truth tat u were actually not really tat strong.

I do hope tat my life will b more flexible. I believe and contentment.

College life might not b tat pleasurable for me somehow. Don't know why.

Sometimes I'll think deeply...

How my life will turn to be if i go for form 6?

Ya, I'll have familiar frens hu'll share all my joy n tears.

But, I'll have to face wif teachers n uniform tat I ANTI so much...XX

N u have to folo ridiculous skul rules... Like hair restriction, spec, tis n tat.

It sounds extremely funny when I explained it to my fren==

Anyhow, decision has been made and it's useless to cry over split milk-- But it's not a wrong decision la think.

At least I can gt wat I want... Fine then.

About course right, again, I'm changing!!! haha

Going to Engineering courses~~~ wow... wat a great change dude.xd

c wat m I going to change again==

tat's all.

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