Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a late post because I have to wait for Jun to send me the photo.

Well, actually I went to the KLCC by myself to meet my NS buddies - Jun from Sabah n Andrew, from KL of course.

PS: I was late tat day due to a massive traffic jam and i was miserably stuck in it ......

It's has been a long time i didn't see them. Just chat via msn sometimes.

This photo is kinda blur. Because v took it behind a pretty thick glass. Let's see a crystal clearer one.

shit=== I'm still the fattest.....--zzz both of them thin like hell...zzzzzz

Andrew's(middle) hair grows longer n it definitely looks more decent compare to last time oh yeah,.and he's still tat tall like pillar......

Whereas Jun(right)... eh people, u still remain the same la-- with bald head n nerdy spec..... lolz~ I have no idea why for his school form 6 everybody has to botak their head...

Look at our previous photo in NS...

3 of us were so dark like a charcoal tat time--
U might feel weird why am I holding so many cups in the photo... It's actually the cups of all my team members... since I was so lazy to do the forced-to-die exercises so i pretended to be sick n helped them to carry their stuffs--...==

eh dude, where r u looking? O.O I was so ugly tat time=-=========== but now also ugly la...-- fine..

That's the end of today~ any big change? lol. anyhow, thanks for viewing.~

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