Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a stressful 2nd sem

well, ppl...

2nd sem, it's not reali tat ez as u expected.

Worst comes to worst if u'r doing science...==

in contrast, UCSI's sc students r like quite free huh-- ewwwwwwwwwww.--

But, wat u pay is what you gt~ tagged from Maggie (she used tat to describe Tarc actuali).

Advance English:

My lecturer is an Indian man n his name is Mr D... Which means Dhanesh if i'm not mistaken wit spiky hair n Pakistan's nation outlook, haha.

He's the Intermediate English lecturer for previous march intake students.

n my class is made up of 80%++ of March intake student! lmao

so it's like having a mini party rather than having a class since they ald flirted up wif the lecturer well...

n it's more like an Indian class coz there's oni a few Chinese--

PS: Not reali like them coz they were freaking noisy n somewhat annoying --

Kinda sad coz Mrs Chandra doesn't teach us.... *sob*

She's a bit sarcastic, but her sarcasm nvr fail to bring out humour.

Seriously, i'm not tat reali care abt the grade i gt for English coz it's more important to gt up wif new stuffs tat u nvr approach b4 rather than begging the teacher n asking for marks miserably.

Before we left, we were asked to write an essay entitle:' How the nation's history change the way you see yourself... in 200 words'

wth is tis?

Since it will not b counted into the mode of assessment so juz simply crapped everything inside n my overal essay is less than 130 words--


Critical Thinking Skill:

80%++ ppl were saying tat i'm very fortunate to get Miss Sharmila as my lecturer.

Not bcoz she can teach n guide us well, but she's kinda lenient in giving marks==

I dun reali know what's the purpose v have to study tis sub-- since i'm not going to take Psychology.

ppl: aiyo, learn for ur own sake ma. Hu knows tat it'll b helpful when it comes to the time tat u hv to deal wif some massive problems?

I: ahahahahahahahaha..-- gt problems oso u'll nvr think of tis--

n she likes to crap out lame jokes n laughs all the way by herself... wat v so called egocentrism, n tis was wat she taught me today...--

C how gud am I in applying wat I had learned in my life~ *self-boasting*

Anyhow, she's friendly n not tat strict as others lecturer. u noe hu i mean. ahahaha


Physics I:
Well, as expected, mr lecturer is Mr Naj, a hilarious lecturer who'll tell u the ans as if he's sprinting wif his mouth... haha

No doubt, science wasn't reali tat ez --

I abandoned my sc for such a bloody long time n now there's not even 1 thing tat i can recall vividly...--

I was isolated during the Physics class--

Ppl were discussing the topic aggresively n uncle CJ was staring at them as if he's from kampung n nvr c human being b4--

Tis is the ever 1st time i felt so stress out==

n u definitely can't imagine what i was doing after the class.=-=

I went home n dug out all my yellowish 'Ham Choi' notes for physics n chemistry n read it--

Some more others science students reali damn smart...

Fine, they're the smart 1 but i'm not..=-=

All spm 9As++ for the ppl I know so far==

guess i'll b super radical gag soon...

But it's gud oso la, coz stress is a motivation for u to go forward-- as said by many ppl.

Dislike tat freakdo who kept on asking question as if he's smart n can study diligently n sensitively==

Blah... Fine la. I'm stupid then--== gt to work hard so tat i can gt in their world==


The funny thing abt tis isn't the student but lecturer...

He's a foreigner, which v called 'Angmo' from New Zealand...

U reali gt 2 open ur ears n listen carefully=--=

When I was in his class for the 1st time, it's freaking hard for me to understand what he's talking abt--

here's a list of words tat he pronounced:

School = Shoe

Lecture = Lecsher

don't know = dong no

class = kuass

n the list goes on==

the students r more or less the same ...

Intellectual group...-==-


a pro procrastinators perhaps~

i gt to put in 1k% of efforts by no means==


Had a breakfast today wif Maggie, Camy, Lily n Aaron.

lol. n oni it dawned upon me tat omost all the sub textbook is updated... which means v gt 2 vomit out $$ again.

n what they so called updated is actually changing a few words in textbook n earn profit from v under-privilleged students--

some more gt to buy lab coat...

How??? I'm reali out of $$.

ppl: Puasa lo==

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