Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wow. I have abandoned my blog for almost 1 week I think. lol

Eventually I get used to my timetable--

Especially after every Wednesday and Friday class you'll probably see my tapao-ing Mc-D fries. woot. nice =)

Also, you'll notice one thing and that is, I start to sleep damn early right now.

I'm fine with the subjects now. Just that there are too many reports to be done and seriously, calculus class does bore me to death. *yawn yawn @.@*

I don't have any friends inside the class and I do keep quiet all the time. =.=

When I was out from the class last Wednesday and met 'I LOVE YOU' and Shyuan Mey, walao, I felt so happy suddenly.

Perhaps I can start to talk non-stop and spread my 'sampatness' again? lol

Anyway, indeed there will be some annoyances in the class who kept making funny jokes but in fact a lame gag for me -- .

Folks were laughing but I didn't because I didn't really know what's so funny about it.

Moreover, my calculus lecturer sees interaction with him as a fundamental and he's going to organize an ice-breaking session so that we students can interact not only with him but with others as well next class which is tomorrow. yucks--

Still, I'm going to be passive. -- I have no mood laughing or being enthusiastic in calculus class. =-=

I really hope that I can end this semester as fast as possible. --