Friday, November 12, 2010

mcc KFC + home tuition

I'm having sore throat right now and I cough non-stop these few days. Probably it's because I had KFC (Not Kepong Food Court) as my breakfast, which was supposed to be lunch for you guys, yesterday. How I hope I could grab McD as well. *sense of indulgence* =)

Frankly speaking, the worker there was really mss. Just a simple order also she could get messed up with it. By the way, that blush on her cheeks were so ruddy. LOL

I ordered: 2 LARGE cheezy wedges, 1 EXTRA cheese, 1 snack plate (spicy), and 1 zinger burger. Please take note that one of the cheezy wedges and zinger burgers were for my sis. =___=

But it ended up with: 2 LARGE cheezy wedges, 1 snack plate (spicy), and 2 zinger burgers.....................

Hell no!!! *Doing Eric's favorite action: FACE PALMING.* -.-


Fortunately the amount I paid was lower than the supposed one.

So, it's fine =)


Well, I had supper with Miss Evon and Pet Pet yesterday, due to someone's sudden hunger. Out of the oceanic blue~~We (Me and Miss Evon) came up with an idea and i.e. provide home tuition for those in need. We serve for you. =.=

These are the subjects available. I'm not genius, so I don't teach all the subjects. =.=

Form 1/ Form 2/Form 3:
Mathematics, Sejarah, Geografi, English and Science.

Form 4/Form 5:
Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Sejarah.

It's 1 hour and 30 minutes per week, making a total of 6 hours per subject per month.

Of course, free trial class for one day is available and you can actually decline us if you think that you couldn't accept the way we teach. Don't worry, no rattans =)

Besides, time can be discussed and tuition fees wouldn't be that pricey as we are still students.

Feel free and do not hesitate to contact us via our email addresses. Jinjang, Kepong and Selayang areas are preferable.

Mrs. Yap: or Mr. Chong:

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