Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Once upon a goddamned time =)

God has been admittedly unfair to everyone. Don't misunderstand the term god here, I'm not referring to the Jesus Christ indeed. Somehow, for me, god wasn't the one who created this whole world.

Hokey, let's get into the topic.

Have you ever been in this sort of situation before? Nobody tends to bother you or give you a goddamn shit, have yourself involved in a circumstance being the most helpless person ever in this universe or have a mere thought of committing suicide so that everything can be miraculously ended without the presence of you? Or sense that their laughter sounds more to sarcasm to you, letting them tease and twist you go round and round like the endless journey, like whirlwind swirling, or treat you like a numb idiot? You hold resentment for them to the max that you can endure. All this while probably you'll ponder or even crave for the happening of big bang to occur, or reoccur, at least, you don't die alone.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure you have had it before. Things just couldn't be equally divided. No such thing as one over two in this world, Malaysia's education system just blindfolded my eyes. They couldn't go round and round like the simplest ever rule, i.e. Have your shits come out after you dine. For example: pretty sluts tend to have more followers or people go after them, though they do not possess any attractive inner side or charisma in them. What wears on their faces are.... No, wrong. It's not mask that you use for cosmetic purposes or any masquerade party, but a thick layer of foundation with mixture of pride which comprises the eeriest vanity that I don't even dare to look at it with my eye's corner, because it beams off some unknown power or maybe rattling strong radiation that can totally eradicate one's confidence. Guess what? Some girls do do that when others couldn't fulfill what they want.

Not to forget to mention the sonuvabitch as well. Ladies, be careful. Sometimes a well looking man can be skilled philanderer. Worst comes to worst if he's Rich. =) You guys might say in unison that, HEY, SO WHAT? This is none of your fucking business. So what? None of my business either if you wish to stick with him. I'm just a poor bastard. No hills of money, no perfect and good looking, no fit body posture, no broad knowledge, or a better term none can be fittingly used to describe me.

Indeed, I'm not deliberating this post because of someone or something. Ya, perhaps I am, intentionally some more, but not to my friend, just some creatures that behave like friends on the crystal clear surface in reality but foes far beyond the real realm. If you were to say necessity is the mother of invention, they I would like to say: the accumulated shits in the intestines are the hindrance to get you constipated.

*I purposely arranged this post in this way so that you'll get bored of reading it. =)
*I turned out to be quite emo because of evon's post. No why. Just emo.
*No why in writing this post. Just ... random. ahem


  1. doesnt sound emo to me.. more of expressing the thoughts :)

  2. Oh my god. Great to have a comment from the blogger of the month. It's definitely my pleasure. =) Oh, btw, I wasn't writing this because I was emo, err. perhaps... a litttlllleeee~ lol