Saturday, November 20, 2010

Treat from Nuffnang and Marilyn Manson + How I toured KL in just 3 hours + International Health Fair

Planned to update yesterday but I just couldn't do so due to the lame connection.

So, a big thanks to the double of Marilyn Manson. Although he didn't manage to bear off IPhone, he got a reward from the Digi yellow plump man via email and it was quite a well said way to give away consolation prize that the yellow man was pretty much overwhelmed by all the finalists' costumes and was sad that he couldn't give all the finalists an IPhone 3Gs. LOL

Credits to Joshua Law's blog for the edited photo. =)

Here they are! The vouchers from Nuffnang. :) RM100 in total.

We (again, me, miss evon, ppet and labiii) went to Thank God It's Friday - TGI Fridays' to dine.

Miss Evon and Labiiii.


Camwhoring with Labiii's DSLR.

Kinda disappointed that they do not offer the course meal anymore. So we just simply got ourselves some dishes which looked literally appetizing and delectable from the menu.

Lipton - Ice Lemon Tea.

Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms. More to ''zap fan'' to me. LOL

Los Angeles Almond Chicken Salad.

As shown in the menu:

The actual one:

The fried chicken was pretty chill. =__=

Friday's cheese burger. The beef wasn't that tender and it smelt foul to me and I would rather eat fries. =.=

The surroundings:

I'm not that kind of artistic person and if you were to ask me how's the interior design of it, I'll just tell you that it looks completely like a mess as they dumped everything on the wall without decent arrangement. =__=

Overall, I wasn't that full up and didn't really feel contented but I had no appetite to go on anymore. Anyhow, it's hokey since each of us had to pay for only RM6.


Just skip this section if you think it's wordy and bore some because I'm gonna be unraveling you how I toured KL in just a few hours.

I received an sms informing me to go for an interview on either this Friday or Saturday for home tuition. I decided to go on Friday's night since I was free.

The location of that tuition centre is located at somewhere nearby Plaza Prima and I presumed that it's a shopping mall, since shopping mall tends to have the word Plaza.

Using googlemap, I knew I have to pass through Jalan Kuching, Jalan Mahameru, Jalan Tun Razak and lastly Jalan Pahang. ==

The beginning part of this tour was hokey till the point I reached a junction. I got exceedingly confused and quickly turned to the left side, which was correct.

Out of the blue, another absurd junction appeared! WTF. No choice, you know how terrific KL drivers are. They hold me back to go to the left side, which I supposed should be right.

So I went to the right side, and wth? It dawned upon me that going to the right side at first would be the same as going to the right side now.

No idea on what I am crapping here? Have a nice look at the pic here.

Get it? I was severely stranded. =___=

I was striving to find the U-Turn and unfortunately I couldn't see any of them around that area.

Astonishingly, I went to Jalan Bukit Bintang there and got myself trapped in the massive and congested traffic jam...

Thank God it was Friday because everybody gonna be rocking downtown and rejoicing the arrival of weekend.

I read the road sign and headed to Jalan Cheras so that I could get the way to UCSI and reverse from there. I'm a noob in recognizing road, as I told you earlier. --

However, later I found out that going to UCSI would be a long tedious journey, though I had already reached Jalan Cheras by that time.

I simply swerved into an anonymous road and THANK GOD! I saw Pusat Bandaraya and I traced my route according to the road sign, since nothing could assist me. Passed by Ampang by the way.

Eventually I got the way RIGHT again. =___=

I successfully reached that area and started to sort out that shopping mall. I had been calling the principal there for numerous times because I didn't know how to go on further. =___= Apparently he should have his phone changed because the call will automatically drop and I couldn't contact him anymore.....

Instead of driving here and there like idiot searching the way to earn money without paying any effort, I parked my car aside and sought for it.

Saw an uncle and asked him where exactly Plaza Prima is, and he said, just behind ma. ==

wth? After endless round and round and it's just behind that street.Plaza Prima is not a shopping mall anyway.

FINALLLLYYYY........ I arrived..... T.T

The interview was pretty hasty and I got an offer of RM90 for each time of tuition. Yay. =)

Don't get so excited. The story hasn't ended. :)

The principal told me that I'll pass by Tarc College if I get the right way. Then I called Wei Ping out for supper. =)

Ping =)

Two kosong mia Chee Cheong Fun for only RM5! The cheapest Chee Cheong Fun ever!

Probably we ate too much eh? LOL

Laughed non-stop when she called her roommate. =____=

So I moved on to go back. And again, I got lost in direction................................................

I didn't know where I been to when I was driving, because I couldn't see at all. Rain was showering on my car's screen.

Thank you dear wiper. How I wish I could whip your ass out. You wiped nothing, except two or three drops of rainwater. I couldn't notice any road sign... My car was entirely eaten by the rain god.

Invasion of narcissism. :)

You could have gone deaf if you were in my car because I squealed like chicken being killed, especially when I met junction.
I think this drive should be the latest drive that I have ever had.

After countless miles, I met toll and wtf?

I was considering to go other way as I was afraid to go up to highway.

Nevertheless, I went through it and junction appeared in front of me, well, again. I went to the left side one since left side seemed to be correct every time that day.

Surprisingly, I got my track down to Jalan Kuching, the side which is on the way to KL.

To get to the other side, I turned into Sri Hartamas/Sri Putramas/Sri Ayamas, desperately had my fingers fully crossed for U-turn to appear.

Indeed, it came out to be in front of me and it directed me to Jalan Segambut.....

After times and times of being lost in Segambut, I got into Sri Sinar and next Kepong without a hitch. Think so? lol

Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw this?


To sum up, here's the list

Jalan Kuching--> Titiwangsa -->Jalan Bukit Bintang-->Cheras-->Ampang-->Sentul/Setapak/Wangsa Maju-->Gombak-->Jalan Kuching again-->Sri Hartamas-->Segambut-->Sri Sinar-->Kepong.

The End...


We proceeded to International Health Fair on Saturday. Let the photos do the talking part. I'm exhausted for recalling my horrible memory in getting lost.

You'll get your boobs bigger if you consume this product. lol

Miss Evon and Kar Yee.

Had our lunch at the mall afterward. Kenny Rogers.

Don't order smoked BBQ. It ain't nice at all.

and lastly,

The tourist from countryside. LOL

That's all for today. Stay Tuned. =)