Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, yesterday I went to a tuition center to help Miss Ong to teach her class since she was busying for her Carnival Project.

She told me juz to wear a collar shirt n not to wear jeans.

Well, I juz hv 1 chocolate long pants. My pants 95% jeans==

Then hv to find a collar shirt to suit the pants... Again, i gt more t-shirt than collar shirt--... So, I juz found a pink colour shirt which roughly suit it==

But the tutor there told me i wore toooooooo casual==. Helo. i juz folo the instruction u gave--...

I have waited for 40 mins for the class to start...lolz Coz I hv 2 wait the students from the other class to come here...

n yet tat tutor gave me sososososooooooo many tasks to finish in juz 1 hour n 30 mins... wahlao... somemore the students right there some finished but some not yet...

I reali hope to gt a cane from s0meone as u noe, i dun reali like kids--

They were walking n chatting there!!!

I gt irritated n yelled at them...

Luckily i juz taught them for 1 day. I'll reali slap their face if i was Miss ONG...==


Lolz. My wonderful nighttime won't end up wif dullness~

I had a great night wif my PBSM's daughter and their mummy~

At 1st, our main purposes were to organise a farewell party for Shu Pei as she is going to leave us soon n live in Sime Darby's hostel.

But, when I went to toilet tat time and came out,

someone like trying to stop me from going outside there...

then when i came out from toilet, wow...

A birthday cake~ IT'S A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! FOR ME!!!

So touch man~

N I had an unforgetable birthday song. Here's the lyrics


Erm, meaning to say, my birthday was none of their business... haha

Well, guess i have to make my wish faster so that the whole cake won't gt burn. haha By the way, Pei Yee, why were u digging ur nose??? So awful... yuck~

Ready to blow it~~~

U noe, it was written:' 老豆, 你老了!!!
n yet, wat I saw was :'老目(老母),你老了!!!

My eyes' power soosooooo strong rite?==

The waiter there offered us ice-cream leh~ So lucky ~

Then, gt surprise somemore...

I received tis photo from the envelope they gave me...
Argh==Guess wat, tis was my photo when i was in skul for my final singing competitition.== looks sooooooo stupid....lolz

Tis 1 is 1 year later... but it looks stupid oso. Fine==

Pei Yi n Me~

N tis little artist drew something for me~

Nice n the most hilarious comic pic tat I ever received.

eh... I thought free 1 but have to belanja her makan... haha... Anyway, nice picture~

Pui Teng was helping her to promote pic... haha

Dang dang dang gang~ Tis is my PBSM Happy Family. Though I am the only guy but it's ok ald coz i'm used it to ald...~ 10 gals n 1 guy~Sometimes a bit kesian lur coz bully by them. Can't imagine these little 10 gals bully people rite? haha.


Actually they were very kind 1 la~


YAM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Thank you so much for giving me a memorable birthday surprise again. Reali nice to know you all. It's my pleasure and honour to b u gals' fren man...

though sometimes I might b a bit fussy or sot sot ..........Anyway, thanks again! ( not crying la k....feel touching oni)


Today we headed back to skul for carnival...

Oh my gosh man==

Our time to gather was 10.00am n yet i woke up oni when chee kong called me~ paiseh ho~

We hardly found a parking slot--- sosososo packed....

When me, Miss Evon n Ck gt there...

It was damnx100 hot man................

V went to MTE ( Majlis Tingkatan Enam) to buy ABC ICE ~

Comment: It was not tat nice but not tat bad. haha

Miss Evon and I~ ck duno siam to where ald== haha

So crowded---

I have no idea how they gt tis funny thing.

Wall game organised by MTE ...

Bumped into somebody whom i gt so irritated==

He said my outlook looked funny n he was the 1 wif uncle's dressing. Helllllo! I'M juz 17! U were the 1 hu look repulsive! N if u do 1 2 marry plz go ahead--

Fine... The carnival tis year was not tat pleasurable as tooo less stall available...

Then night went to have steamboat at 'Hong Hong's restaurant wif Giap, Chan, Alyssa, Elaine and professional housewife~

Our pot was soooo full== I think we drop in watever can b dropped==

Omg... Honeystar was drowning!!! n finally, these were their corpse ~

Manyaknya yang mati== Kesiannya....

After we finished our buffet steamboat, v gt to Jessie's house for another steamboat party~ n well~ U can;t picture a person hu was ald full can take in 2 plates of agar-agar....~

I managed to finish it~ Y do I look so happy== It won't assist me in dieting -- haiz...

I'm becoming fatter== It's true--

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