Monday, August 31, 2009

Went to One Utama to shop yesterday~

before tat, planned to withdraw some $$ from my Agro bank account..--

But, alamak, it's Saturday and our diligent Agro Bank was closed........

Shit. it ruined my wish list==

Bye 'for a while', my bag, my shoes, my ............................................ and many many more because a desperate shopaholic will never feel satisfied...

(but will definitely regret if you find out the stuffs are sold cheaper at other outlets=--=)

But we headed to G2000 at The Curve there because Giap wanna buy his shirts...

It's two for RM129. Kinda cheap that time because sales ma. Typically u have to spend RM1xx to buy a shirt there.

and I bought two shirts at Metrojaya.

Believe me, it's only RM23 for tis 2 shirts!!!!!!!

It's not a plain sales but a bargain sales man!!!

Straight away grabbed it, tried it n bought it without any hesitation.


Then we proceeded to have lunch after hunting such dirt-cheap shirts. bwahahaha~

Had our lunch at Pizza Hut.

Then carried on to Jeans outlets.

I couldn't recall what's the name of that shop. but it's an outlet with different brands of jeans accumulated.

We dug the mountains of discounted jeans like nobody's business..

(The salesgirl was staring at us--)

We had been going out the fitting room and changed the jeans for several times--

But i just wanted to purchase 1 jeans anyway~ or else I'll have to puasa for 1 week...==

My jeans~

Camwhoring when trying shirts. But i didn't buy that shirt n apparently i have gained lots of weighs==

People: It's time to keep yourself on diet...

Me: See 1st la..==

Went to Padini later since they had a "MERDEKA' sales.

and they were quite smart lo.


There mentioned 70%, and bear in mind that Uncle Cj will always stand next to the 70% advertisement and start digging the bunch of shirt as if he's insane--

But then when you look at the advertisement properly rite, down there it mentioned: u have to become a member first...=-=

Giap n YiLaiCai signed up to become a member of them to get the privilleges but i didn't.

Then went home~

That's all for yesterday. ~

Will try save up more $$ and buy more stuffs next time~

Maybe will puasa for one week if I can really stand with the mouth-watering food for this week.....

some more puasa memang 1 stone kills 2 birds, doesn't it?

Can save $$ and lose weight...


Oh ya, one more thing

Happy Merdeka. but for me it's Happy Sleeping Merdeka~

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