Thursday, August 13, 2009

Got my lenses today^^ yeah~

and it's grey colour because I don't want to make it that obvious.

and I WENT FOR A HAIRCUT TODAY!!! After 5 months of waiting...T.T

Waited Miss Evon to fetch since i was so lazy to drive....

And finally we reached Mutiara - place where we were going to cut our hair.

There were many shops inside, but we loitered around first to see which shop's better--

Then we went inside a hair studio called ICE BLUE......

That barber kept on talking with me--

I didn't really dare to look at the mirror when he cut my hair.....T.T

But, haiya, don't know lar... whether it looks nice o not-----

see photos..

Before cut and wax (side view) bYE BYE Uncle CJ~

After cut~(back view)

Side view (Seriously i need to lose weight... Face resembles the bun so much==)
So how is it? lol no idea.

But it's for RM15 only. quite ok lur~

That's all for today^^

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