Monday, August 17, 2009


Woke up at 11.xxam ...


Accompany that Giap to HELP lur.

and by the time we reached there, it was already noon...

and everybody was having their lunch break.

seeking for a counselor... but met no one except Jying because she was practicing her dance right there...

Luckily an office gal called May assisted us in registering.

Ya, i got my offer letter to foundation in Science~ Yesh^^

And that Giap is now a semi-official HELP's student, because he hasn't handed up the offer letter yet.

at about 7.30pm, went to fetch Teng n Evon... see how reliable I am~~~

we were having dinner at "Dai Ga Hei"(some sort like that) with Pheoric n Yann...

lolz. It's hard to imagine 5 fellows could have swallowed so much food..--

Tried my first ever crab in my life... because I am allergic to seafood.

But just took a small part of it...

asked Teng to eradicate the shell for us, because I really had no idea to do with that mini hammer...

and i vomited it out because it was so nauseating...yuck...

I don't think I'm going to try it out again....

Then headed to Desa Park City there to have our birthday celebration for Teng~

They were choosing cake... planned to pose "Yay" but it was too late~


Our birthday cake. ~ it comprises marble cheese, oreo cheese, capuccino cheese, Hazel Nut and coffee. looks great rite?~

This is what we so called finger crossed~ May her wishes get materialized~

We were trying to snapshot the reflected us in front of the glass but obviously, it was a failure~ haha

Our drinks~ Left: Pheoric, Jacob, Evon, Teng and Yann

3 girls and 1 guy with their drinks posing... lol... I was the camera man~

Then we strolled around ~ met with some bitches who were staring us with their eyes corner as they passed by us--

Camwhoring session~

It's Nokia which makes the our face become so fair n white~

Pheoric and me.~

Then we went back~~~



Went to The Curve together with Giap and of course, I was the driver again--

Met up with Ck and Pheoric.

Seriously, i been to The Curve for only 1 time...

I didn't even know where I parked my car...


Before tat, both of us were lost on the way to The Curve ==

and they had given us the wrong place to meet up with them..--

I:' eh, where o?'

Pheoric:'2nd floor, centre court"

and when we reached the centre court at second floor... they weren't there--

I:'eh, where are you two? '

Ck:'centre court la."

I:'I'm at the centre court also-- zzz which floor?"

Ck:' 1st floor."


Went to a restaurant called "Bubba Gump'.

Gosh. You'll definitely faint if you look at the menu.

It's terribly expensive and I don't really like to see the menu as they put in a lot of descriptions for each dish and make the whole page like an article.....

In spite of choosing a meal for myself, i decided not to eat because before that I had already eaten my breakfast...

Admittedly, it is a stylish restaurant with the atmosphere of West America.(they said la)

But for me, I was like having Christmas inside~ Jingle Bell, Jing,......==

Pheoric's quarter head ruins this pic...

and this
This freaky stuff was on our table. and we were told by that waiter to use it. Walao. You know, he talked damn fast n his slang is too weird..---

So we just abandoned it..zz

Then we did chit-chat and prolong until 6pm. walao..zz

Went to A Japanese Shop called "Daiso". All the stuffs there were RM5.00nett and they were imported from Japan.

Feedback: not worth to buy MOST of the things there.
These three guys were shouting :'KAWAI NES~~~"...-.-''

Then went to shop and continued our next round at One Utama.

So, for a careless and noobish driver like me, we lost again on the way to One Utama.zz

Had our dinner at Nando's and went back~


16 n 17-08-09

Recently I get so addicted with Pokemon Sapphire, it's darn nice~~~

I don't even go for fb-ing~

I AM BORED TO DEATH these days==

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