Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It was a dream, who brought me closer to you.

It was a faith, a faith which was faded.

It was a fortune, and my pleasure to know you.

It's been a long time i didn't see you.

How have you been doing since the last time we met, my friend?

Dream occasionally granted me a fortuity to bump into you.

We laughed and chatted madly, retrospected our old times.

It was a momentous moment wasn't it?

Couldn't forget the time where you'll come and wait for me.

Couldn't obliterate the days when both of us cried together and comforted each other.

And couldn't let you slip away from my memory.

I used to be very distressed that time, something happened and my friends around me didn't even realize.

I thought of to end my life.

But you wrote on my notebook. " Do not suicide just because of a small matter. Jesus said we have to appreciate our lives. Suicide is the biggest sin in the world. Remember all the fun, happy, sad, angry, exciting, going home environment. March 11 2009 is a big day for all of us. Don't forget anyone here! Especially me."

Thanks Jesus even though I'm not a Christian, for bestowing me a great friend.

It's my honor to know such a smart, concern and caring friend as you.

Miss you.


  1. Jesus had been a sinner for not killing himself but distracting his piece of MOFO jewish faith .

  2. His death was a substitutionary.He died for our offense.He was our surrogate; we were edicted to death.