Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yeah. after craving for my super duper annoying result for such a donkeeeeeeeeeey years, it eventually got released today~

and HATS OFF TO MYSELF people, because i passed my Malaysian Studies *yesh*

Kinda stupid because at 1st they just released the result for Malaysian Studies and keep others privatized --

Dear Maggie, don't be sad.... u already did your best for it ok? Honestly i don't know how to comfort people..... but

CHEER UP man! just work harder next time lo. Whack that lecturer! (no la, just kidding)

Right, back~

How about the result for other subjects?

Blah, ok lo but not really that ok.

Went to HELP straight after i got my broken result

Successfully did my credit transfer~

PS: Please fire that black panda bear looking office boy, for not paying full respect to the students...

Me: May I know the code for these subjects?

Office boy: u studied already u don't know?

Some more u know his tone was so irritating, asking him one ques as if I will kill him off.==

Then, rampas group with others there.

walao, everybody was like having world war III with the computers there...

Keeeeeeeeeeeept on clicking... I felt like banging off that lame computer...

cannot assist people to login then just turn off the computer or ask people to debug the computer la==

(Better skip the following if you're not a HELP student because u won't get what I mean)...

Finally done my timetable for this uber long semester--


2 hours n 30 minutes break~

3 hours n 30 minutes break~

Wed(can die cham cham):
4 hours n 30 minutes break leh. walao. so, I'll go back 2 sleep~

quite ok~ 1 hour break oni--

Friday no class!!! ^^ :)

Basically the timetable is ok la. just wondering why they just opened 1 group for science n consequently all my subjects' time are "controlled' by them==~

Bye my semester 1 friends.... Hope to meet you again... T.T Kinda envy to see u guys can be in the same class---------- T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T

Have to socialize with others ... cham== I'm not tat good in socializing==

Celebrated Pei Wen's birthday just now~

Went to somewhere called " hui yin shi".

Quite pleasurable because inside right, there's a singer who'll sing every song tat you request and i recommend this restaurant for u guys.

But, for evilness fully filled minded people like me, do u think I'll just listen to their songs? lol~

Purposely chose some hard song for them to sing.

Tapi, they replied the audience: sorry, I can't sing that song because it's too hard==

betul-betul bomb die tat time.zzz

and lastly, happy be early bithday to Wen~

Knew her since form 2. Kinda swell-headed lo at 1st. Nevertheless she's a bombing laughter.......and is currently an active n fit gym girl~


Something happened just opposite my house.

The granny is now barely alive with the oxygen delivery tube.

Doctor suggested her husband n sons to bring her home and end the her life by plugging out the tube from her body.

Feel misery rite?

If it's a husband's duty to do so, it's so mean to end someone's life whom you adore and love so much till words can't even tell out how much his passion of love to her.

If it's a son's duty to do so, it's so cruel to end someone's life who gave birth to you and you gotta stop her heart beating by yourself.

Nonetheless, you'll torture her more if you don't choose to end her life.

Which way will you choose?

End her life?

Or prolong her life but let her continue suffocating?

It might be the toughest decision ever, isn't it?


  1. Thanks Cj^^!!Hope we can have lunch or makan tgt la k....don't cus diff class ad then forget us all k!!!XP....I'm really very "lucky" to get her as MS LECTURER>.......Fate

  2. won't forget u la big sis.. bwahahaha. I think u better take ur MS when u'r in degree. taking the same subs for the next sem will b bored--