Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Phew... Today I was late again for Miss Selena Class. However, the class's venue changed and fortunately, I saw Miss Selena was chatting wif someone outside then it dawned upon me tat our class's venue changed so i had a quite perfect excuse to late.

After tat, when I was in English class, Miss Chandra said the highest for English quiz is 35...==

Guess I'll not be the 1 as there r a lot of high fliers in my class...

Before i gt home, went to buy eye drop for my injured eye in the pharmacy near Miss Evon's house there. Tat seller quite arrogant. duno la. I did feel so...

Thought today will be a lucky day for me as I didn't late for the class. But it wasn't. Received a letter from 2 organizations which were HELP n Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

From HELP:

So tricky... Directly sent to our parents without noticing us. Fine. Ntg to scare for n I bet my dad n mum will ever nvr go there. They prefered to stay in house watching the TV drama rather than going out. So m i...--

From Kementerian Pelajaran and this was the main reason that I was moody for the whole day.

1225 stands for Moral while 6351 stands for BC. I requested before to remark my SPM 2 subjects.

and the answer they gave me was

KEPUTUSAN ANDA KEKAL SAMA... Wat the fuck???!!!

I remembered vividly that my Moral scored the 2nd highest in the whole skul for Diagnostik. N yet this doesn't show that u'll gt an A in ur spm.

BC pulak I dun mind. My BC wasn't tat gud. Just to try for fun n see whether can tembak an A or not.

Wat the fuck. My RM2k/7k and my RM100 as well... GONE!!!

Fine. I won't die for gtting B's... Juz feel kinda unsatisfied coz someone who is much more weaker than me can gt an A when he was requested for certain subject while I couldn't.

To you markers: I'll forgive you stupid fellows for duno how to appreciate my essay and simply gv me a B....lolz

ARGH!!! What I have been waiting so far was actually a rubbish letter!

Waste my 2 months time for waiting. damn you.

Well, it's a wise decision ever that I choose to enter a private college rather than enrolling myself into Government skul.

Anyway, it passed.Perhaps, my expectation was too high.

Studying... Mid-term is just around the corner==

Trying to force myself to fall in love with memorising........Xd. Studying in a competitive environment will definitely push u to a higher level... Maybe lah. haha

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