Thursday, June 25, 2009

let me b a bit emo== I'm mentally fragmentized!!!

Oh yeah!!!

My mid-term finally over!!! Tat's y i regained my time to blog~

I was having my coooooooooomputing as the last sub~~~

A day before it, i resorted to burn the midnight oil-- ( hu ask u not to read frequently)

Fine, conclusion for tis test. It was ok.

But guess I won't gt extraordinary beautiful result, including English coz tat air-cond freezed me...

It was freaking cold when i sit for English==

Then go to the Main Block there to look for a counsellor wif Christin and her bf MJ. (They r sosososososososososososososo sweet... n lovingly..)

Fine, i won't die without a galfriend, kinda burdensome for me. chew~~

Tat counsellor...-=- Omg

Let me b emo a bit.

Ass hole la u! U noe wat he said to me?

He keep on condemn n attack me wif his fucking mouth! lolz.

He said:' the world is not as perfect and nice as wat u c.'

n he asked me to choose others subject such as Mass com, IT n blah blah.

Tis is for u:

For such old ass crustacious bitches such as yourselves you sure act a hell of sosososososososososo educated n mature.

You own a fucking job.

I'm having a pretty fucking hard time believing that i spent as much time to fuck off wif u at the office! u r wasting my time!

Take your "money spent training you" and shove it up your passive aggressive dumbfuck piece of shit gangrenous ass.

Maybe you'd have more money and be a more successful lecturer if you actually spent time teaching instead of bitching about your pathetic ass existence and harass student wif ur fucking grubby mouth!

N yet u question me freaking stupid ques = U r not sure wif ur career tat u wan rite? Go back n think about it!

Fuck your trash counsellor table n seat! You'r not qualified to sit on it at all!. And more than anything else ever in the history of the world GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Do I have to ask you if i know wat m I going to do?

You r gtting a fucking salary every month for bitching up students!

SHUT UP DUDE and eat ur own shit. Wat the fuck!

wahlao. I have written so many things....I was too angry man== -- Fine... N thx for Christin and MJ's guidance as well~ But I found out my greatest interest is not in calculation but scolding bithces--


After tat, bought 2 cheezy wedges which were fulled wif Cheeeeeeeeeesess~~~weee~~~

I memang couldn't bear wif the aroma of cheezy wedges. oh man, it drives me crazy!!!

Bought 2 cheezy wedges and 1 cheese baked potatoes as my effort payment~


Planned to sleep in the afternoon but disturbed by Pui Teng... juz to lend her a calculator.

But anyhow we did chat a lot...

Later discovred someone went together wif me to Carnival. n I wasn't too pleasant to b wif him, eventhough i dun reali hate him as much as when I was in form 5...

Then asked Mr Chee Kong and Miss Evon to go to Carnival.

wow. I think i spend the whole day chatting wif everybody...

UCSI so loose wif their exam.

Tis was wat I heard from Mr CK juz now.

It is possible to bring a book inside n check answer.

All the exam papers r in mcq form.==

It was incredibly awesome...


sleep== let me cool down. sleep==

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