Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I dun reali feel resembling in Monday's class. Mm, Bi, Com n silly Malaysian studies class.

Today I was having my 1st English quiz. lolz. I did my studies at 1am yesterday night. juz little things to study...

Ez? duno. Tough? duno. Moderate? Guess so...

predict to gt 3x/40 lah if possible~

Then my weekly tedious class start again... I was so sorry to Mr Siva as I dun reali pay attention to what he was talking about but juz did my own stuff......==

Finally... Malaysian Studies class... xd. I was the laziest member. In fact, they didn;t deliver the news properly to me. Fine.

Brainless human being said this to me:' Aiyo, asked you to write means asked you to type loh.'

I was totally

speechless... I'm sorry, i dun reali understand ur high level language. n if i did anything tat annoy you, I'M SORRY!!! ==

After went home, helped Miss Evon to do her quiz. omg. == wat a vast challenge for me to do acturies's algebra... It was so hard for me to do the question; nonetheless, I did a few of them~ muahahahahaha~

1 more thing tat troubled me the whole day... My eyes. I wore con to HELP. But when i arrived, my eyes started to feel pain like needles piercing my eyeball...

I tolerated wif it until I went home n I took pic of my injured eyeball...

Looks sordid rite?Gosh! Wat am i supposed to do now??? Guess I'll hv to go to Pharmacy tomorrow. My eyeball now juz like rusted iron--

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