Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nowadays 90% of electronic devices gt retarded or spoilt ezily. So r my com n my phone charger.==

U noe, my presentation is just around the corner n yet my com suddenly can't turn on.

Tat red light went off n the monitor shows ntg. Omg. Why god likes to tease people at the moment of urgency?

No idea. Fine, thx to Irreligion for his effort in repairing my com or better to say, the com suddenly turn on itself== Sosososososososososososososo chemical==

Acid+alkali = salt + water( if i'm mistaken)

My com+ me = not work

My com+ Irreligion = It's working==

Izit bcoz of the owner abuse him very often? Guess so since I like to shift my monitor to watch video.

N I bet tat u'll shock to c how complicated r my cables, wires n etc in my room. So messy...XD

HELP! Having Tsunami here== somemore earthquake(which means my mid-term is coming soon).

Omg! Not yet study oso. I din even touch my notes.

It's freaking hard for me to memorise all the stupid com's stuff.

I din even know what for v learn it since v know how to use it instead of doing all the exercise in the book.==

But it's ok oso la... Since i do learn things at I reali nvr touch before like powerpoint. In short, I;m a noobie~~~

Fortunately. thought the pop quiz will be 'popped' out yesterday. But luckily Miss Chandra forgot to photocopy it.

Thought I'm sososososososo opportune not to have the quiz yesterday coz I didn't study for it at all. Bcoz it's not in the Mode of assessment~

Fine, thought I'll have finished reading it by today. But I slept.

Fuyoh... 8pm-9.30am. I slept for 13 hours n 30 minutes. But I didn't late for class.~

Oh ya, finally, our groups, Amanda, Nirai and I, finished our project! Hooray.. sounds old....~~~Anyhow... Thx to them so much... It's lucky to have diligent members.

N I noticed something yesterday~

Woah. It's 2222km. IT'S 2222KM. I have drived for 2222km. wahlao... I took tis pic when I was waiting for the traffic jam....

Accidentally bumped into Lai Peng today. She said Shu Pei is going to Bangsar there to study nursing and a farewell party will b organised n asked me to go.

I was wondering tat time. Bangsar? isn't it the place where I am going every morning??

Farewell? It seems to be like a reunion party for me. N I guess she is going to Mahsa.

But she is going to stay in the hostel there. So, it makes sense la, haha.


  1. shu pei hav 2 leave kl for stay and study at bangsar there??
    will held a farewell party for her??
    y i dun noe de,..
    no ppl inform me at all..

  2. so m i. But they said delayed to next fri night.