Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seriously I'm still considering whether want to open a new blog or not nevertheless, fine. I'll juz do it.

First night of this year that I didn't sleep for the whole night.

Gosh. It was unbearably tired.lolz

If Mr Siva allows, I'll burn the notes in front of him.zz A lots of stupid ABC like HDTV, HDD n blah blah blah.

I was like.== WAT THE HECK IS TIS? zz However, there's no point for you to keep on complaining... Juz study it lah dude==

N when I gt 2 Lecturer hall, felt damn stressful. Y? All of them were keep on studying studying n studying n yet I was the only 1 who keep on chatting wif my other friends like Jying n Yuki... Fine, we r not tat gud in study perhaps. haha.

Anyway, I felt the quiz was not tat hard but not tat ez also. but still, i wrong some questions that i studied before. lolz. Anticipate to gt 4/5(if possible).

Finally decided to go to the orientation night since Mrs Chandra showed her great effort in encouraging us to go when we were in class. Feel very troublesome in selecting appropriate customs... Argh!

somemore the orientation night like totally different from wat i expected before.

My expectations~
I thought the venue will b in one of the premier hotel~
I thought the customs that v should wear is formal dressing.
I thought we'll hv a romantic dinner with all the friends.

But i was wrong.
Venue: Lower foyer
Customs: what also can as long as u like it==
Dinner: Just buffet which is full of meaty stuff as said by our lecturer. Somemore there's no chair provided but to sit on staircase.

Anyway, Yuki said it will b fun as she went to the orientation night for March intake before. Guess I'm going to whack her into pieces if wat she said is inaccurate. haha.

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