Saturday, June 6, 2009


Orientation night==

I dun reali feel enjoyable when i was in orientation night. Y? It ain't fun at all! Luckily miss evon accompanied me to go. If not, guess i'll b bored to death...

It was
= Damn hot

=fool by people in some silly games

there r boring performances too

Anyway, I was trying to make myself gt into it also~

Carmen and I.

After finished(not to say finish as v manage to escape ourself from it) my orientation night, v continued our next round wif Pui Teng in 'Pao Bing' and 1 kopitiam(dun reali noe the name).

Then helped Pui Teng 2 finish her hw... T.T

I was awakened by the printer's technician.

YeAH~ Finally my printer+scanner arrived.

Canon PIXMA MP145

Evening~ started to shop crazily~ our hunting venue today was IKANO - Padini shop~lolz

Omg!stuffs inside there were cheap.Most of the clothes were discount up to 50-70%. I did bought a lot of customs~

Pink Padini shirt worth RM29

Black Padini shirt worth RM29.

Padini Jacket worth RM54.50
Long sleeves shirt worth RM32.70

Long sleeves shirt worth RM32.70

Long sleeves shirt worth RM32.70. Took a photo while I was changing into tis pink shirt~

After tat v guys were going to a new cafe which named Honeymoon. Comment: not tat bad but not tat nice also.

Also, we meet somebody who reali uneducated before. nvm. God may bless him~ My mood was reali good, for gting a lot of nice stuffs~

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