Thursday, June 18, 2009


Guess wat?

Tis was my first presentation day.

A day before it, tues, v, Nirai, Amanda n I, worked until midnight.....

N, v guys planned to print all the things right over there.

So... v have late for 1 hour...lolz

But it was fine. Coz the whole class late oso==

Argh... After finished printing the whole thing...

We entered the class... n the whole class was... soooooooooooooo QUIET==

Finally, we were asked to present--

U noe, most of the groups, keep on scolding by tat fussy women==

She'll definitely find an excuse to scold as she she was reali frustated coz the whole class prepared all the things in last minute.

Luckily, for our presentation, she juz asked a ques and we finished our things well.

But for others group... They were able to present their introduction only n everything ended...

phew~~~ Now only i knew how come people so afraid of presentation n yet i'll laugh at them coz I've never been in their shoes before.... Sry for tat.

Again... feel disapointed with my computing's result. although it was not tat bad but i dun reali feel satisfied.

But I deserved for it coz i dun reali attention to wat Mr Naj was talking about. haha

v were fooling around~~~hehe

Jying took my glasses...

U definitely can't imagine tat tis little granny was a president in x club, vice president for librarian, treasurer in x club, secretary in x club, Captein in cheerleading, and she is learning Latin dance now... Omg...==

I was so exhausted. N I slept from 6pm until the next day. it's 12 hours!!!



I wasn't tat please to leave my lukewarm and super comfy bed... argh... But anyway, I hv to ...

learned 3 examples of dun judge a book by its cover today~
1st, I nvr expect him to speak Chinese.
2nd, I nvr expect another him to smoke.
3rd, I nvr expect her to gt tat marks.

then, presentation again. omg. plz la... I dun reali 1 2 face anymore presentation...

my 2 presentations. both of them were suck man.........

U noe, she took back her words. Last time said cannot use tis point blah blah blah n now, everybody used and she was like ok ok ok .

She confronted wif us like hell man!!! omg! U r marking depend on ur opinion.

Group quiz.zzz I prefer a personal quiz tat i'll juz hv to study myself... -- U juz simply go through all the stupid history things...== I dun even noe wat u have taught so far==


Tat another fussy lecturer was arguing wif another students. So was I when I present but it was of no use... By the way, wat r u looking Maggie? haha

Guess wat? She felt funny when she had taken mine n Aaron pic==

And when I was starting to blog juz now. WAT THE FUCK!!!

Did you know what happen to my dearest car??

It was scratched again!!! By stupid kids!!!

It was sosososososo terrible! Gt pensel's sign somemore!!! U noe how hard to rub it off???

Tat's why I dislike kids all the time!!! I was %^#$%^^&%^$%& juz now== I used to b a so obedient kids n nvr vandalise things. N i wondered how their parents would have taught them==

Luckily my mum noticed it and she helped me to rub it off while i juz stood beside><. thx mum^^

haiz.. MID-TERM MID TERM!!! Study!!

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