Thursday, June 11, 2009

What does Richie stand for?

evrybody gt their different eye view for sure. but from my perception

Richie is rich of course.

Richie can be gracious.

Richie can be amusing.

Richie can be striking or gorgeous.

Richie not suppose to be haughty but it may toooooo...lolz...

Anyway, I hate smoking richie... N it's true tat u can;t judge a book by its cover.

Seriously, I hv nvr imagine before tat they r smokers...==..xd. But anyway, v r not naive kids anymore.

It's ur right to smoke but pls dun let me sense tat ghastly 'aroma'...zz Did you noe tat it was a tall task for me to take a short breath beside u?

Anyway, there's an advise for u even I know u won't know


I'm anti SMOKERS!!!


Quizzes were coming simultaneously and I found tat I was not tat diligent when i was in form 5 struggling for my spm...

Anyway, gt my english quiz paper today. Eventhough i was not the highest, I managed to gt close to highest

( Reali? seems to b like u still hv a long distance to go through huh.) == 31/40.

highest 35/40.(tat 2 damn strong la) wahlao.==

At the same time, wondering how much did annoying guy n thick make up gal gt. haha

Then hv to stay at lab for a long time to discuss the computing project. But v juz used up 10 minutes to settle everything. == Have to go back to HELP again to finish it eventhough i dun hv class...

After tat continued to play games in Facebook wif B voon and Aaron. Tat 2 fellows were gtting so addictive with rc n others game==.

Finally, my math quiz came== lolz 3 questions only n yet I studied so hard for it. N v promised each other not to check the answer after finished the quiz.

But, Aaron took back his word. So m I after he did so. ~ N yet he found tat he wrong damn a lot(dun reali noe whether it's true o not) hehe

Juz now helped Wei Ping to do her club stuff.

N now oni I know tat every Tarc students r forced to join a club.

Wat the.

Her club is Community Service Clubs aiks, dun reali noe the actual name. wateva

kinda ridiculous la. have to folo everything they said n they'll scold u if u didn't do things properly==

Bullshit. I swear tat i'll nvr enter club like tat. Somemore if u didn;t join any club, u can't graduate== wat the.

Shall I b grateful coz it's not compulsory to join club for me?

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